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How To Use Instagram To Drive Traffic To Your Site

People spend a lot of time on social media and learning how to use Instagram to drive traffic to your site can make a huge influence on your marketing strategy.

Instagram nowadays is more than just sharing pictures and videos. It is also a platform for people to seek and learn new things, and use as a marketplace.

You might think ads is the only way to bring traffic to your site from Instagram,  especially since it is not as intrusive as before.

However, ads are not the only method that you could use to bring in traffic, which is why we compile a quick list to help you with it.

So let’s check out the tips on how to use Instagram to lead users to your site!

5 Tactics To Use Instagram to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Use Instagram To Drive Traffic to Your Site

1. Add A Link In Your Bio

Instagram provides different places to add links to your website. But the best place to add a website link is in your Instagram bio.

Adding link to your bio is optional, regardless whether you have a website or not. However, if you do, it is highly recommend to add it inside to helps  bringing traffic to your site.   

For a better result, it is favorable to add the website homepage link in your bio, unless you have sales or thinking of promoting a specific product.

Don’t worry, you can edit the link in your bio anytime you want and always keep it updated.

2. Links in IGTV

Do you know you can also add links in the IGTV video description? By doing so, you will be able to attract more traffic to your website. 

Whenever you’re using IGTV video to promote a product or service, and incite the interest of your audience, your audience can easily clink on the URL on the description that lead to your site to get more information.

Besides, you can also add a “swipe up” link in the IGTV video in Instagram Stories. Worry not, you don’t need the 10k followers requirement to access this feature if you use IGTV app when uploading your video.

To add “swipe up” links to story using IGTV app, follow the tips below.

  • Record a video and add the link in the video description before upload to IGTV.
  • Create a story of  your IGTV video. Use CTA to initiate people to swipe up and click on the link.
  • Select the link icon (on top of Stories screen) and select “IGTV video” so that it could directly accessible via the swipe up link.

In addition, be creative with your videos! You want to create curiosity about your product for viewers to click on the link. Keep trying different video ideas to increase your engagement.

3. Post More Instagram Stories

Instagram Insights

Instagram Stories are one of the most viewed content in the app. Thus, finding ways to attract audiences that watch your stories to your website is essential.

Stories appears at the top of the feed and have red circle “marked” whenever there is a new content posted. With this, it lead the audience to click on the story to discover the content inside.

Stories is a good method in notify your followers about a new content. This is because in normal posting, not every post will appear in your followers feeds, even when you try to trick the Instagram algorithm. 

You could add website link in Instagram Stories too. It is advisable to include another link in your Instagram bio as some audience might skip the story and miss out the link. 

Another safe reason to include an extra link in your bio is that link in story are not editable once the story is published. A new story need to be created for you to add a new link.  

You might already know that Instagram Stories will disappear from the feed after 24 hours.

However, you could still keep the stories by adding them to Instagram Highlights, another great feature Instagram has created. With this, there is no need for you to repetitively create a story with link inside.

Keep in mind that to be able adding links in Instagram stories, there are some requirement need to be fulfilled.

Firstly, your have a verified account, and secondly, your have a minimum of 10,000 followers. Without fulfilling these requirement, you won’t be able to add link in Instagram Stories to drive traffic to your site.

Now you understand how Instagram Stories helps in attracting traffic to your site.

Below are the summarize on how you can use Instagram Stories to drive traffic to your site.

  1. In your Instagram Stories, you can add website links. But to do this you need to have a verified account and a minimum of 10,000 followers.
  2. You can upload an IGTV video with URL in video description to Instagram Stories. To access this feature, you don’t need 10,000 followers or a verification badge.
  3. To attract audience attention to click on the link, you can add custom fonts, graphic, GIFS and CTA.

By following these steps, your followers will be able to visit your website easily without the need to search the link on your profile. 

4. Start Using Instagram Insights

Another way to use Instagram to drive traffic to your site is understand your audiences demographic. To get this information, there is a built-in feature called Instagram Insights.

In this feature,  you could see the impressions on your posts, know how many people reach, view, like, comment, and saved your post.

With this information, you’re able to analyze your audiences activities and preference. In return, you can determine a plan and use it to boost your audience engagement and performance.

Make sure to check the data for each post, since different posts can target slightly different audience. After analyzing the data you can make the content that your audience loves to see.

Having the advantage of knowing your audience better help you to implement a better strategies in creating and promoting content on a wider level, especially when you’re thinking of using Instagram Ads.

With the help Instagram Insight, you will be able to decide clearly on  ads that will yield a greater result to your site.

5. Make Collaborations

Instagram Collaborations in Driving Traffic

Collaborating with other influencers is one of the best ways to grow your followers and reach new audiences.

When you get a new follower or when someone visits your profile, they will check on your bio first. As it was their first time,  they are more likely to click on URL in the bio, which bring them to your website.

There is many way of collaborations you can do with other influencers, like:

  • Posting a video or photo together, and tagging them.
  • Using the “new collaboration post” that Instagram launch and testing in certain countries.
  • Accounts take over.
  • They promoting your product directly.

Having an efficient collaborations in Instagram is a good way to drive traffic to your site.

Almost all entrepreneurs will promote their business on Instagram. Therefore, you can easily approach and ask influencers that have the same goal as you to collaborate together.

It is definitely a win-win situation where both of you could promote each other brand to new audiences. By collaborating as well, you can increase the sales rate and number of followers at the same time.

Why Use Instagram To Drive Traffic To Your Site Is A Powerful Marketing Tool? 

Instagram As Powerful Marketing Tool

Instagram is a powerful marketing tool because almost everyone who has access to internet will also have an Instagram account and a lot of them spend hours on the app.

If you want to expand your customer base in Instagram, you can’t always wait opportunity to knock the door, instead, you need to put initiative to find them.

When Instagram just launched, it is only a photo sharing app.

Right now, it is one of the most popular app for brands when come to marketing. Brands use Instagram to drive traffic to their site as it has lots of features and advantages to bring in new leads.

Instagram is amazing as people can use it for both educational and business purposes. It allows people to target a specific audience, to boost their audience engagement, selling rate and etc.

The reason why we prefer to use Instagram to drive traffic to your site is that it has all the powerful marketing tools that attract the audience. By using Instagram, you can lessen your marketing efforts and get efficient results in a short time.

Also, with the help of ads, you can make your content visible to people who have not follow you.

Wrapping It All Up!

In conclusion, you should use Instagram to drive traffic to your site.

Instagram certainly has better tools and features than any other platform and make the whole marketing experience easy. Thus, it helps when you know how to use the this app effectively.

Unlike other platforms, you can get information about Instagram as it is still growing and becoming an even more popular platform.

Most people prefer to use Instagram due to its privacy and better user interface. With Instagram ads, you could select the boosting packages you want to grow your followers or target a specific audience, according to the budget that you can afford.

To maximize the marketing experience, remember to add the link in your bio and stories to lead people to the main website.  By doing this, it will reduce your efforts, and provide you a more efficient and effective results.

Now, what are you waiting for? Use this knowledge in practical life and use Instagram with all its business tools and features.

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