About Us

We are a blog that helps people to monetize their social media profiles with focus on Instagram.

Inselly provides useful information about tools and resources for individuals and organizations to grow their number of followers and engage with them, build a community, and make money off the content they share.

Who Are We?

We are a group of individuals determined to provide the best information available to our readers on how to monetize their social media profiles. All articles we produce is the result of hours of research, testing and discussion involving the whole team.

All of us, people who is working full time in the blog and writers who come every now and then to share their knowledge with our audience are all experience in social media marketing and has or have had a strong presence on Instagram.

The Team

Kelsey Cameron – Inselly’s Site Owner and Main Editor

Hey! I’m Kelsey, the owner and main Editor at Inselly.com.

I have been working in marketing for a few years now, but I always had a passion for social media and creating content. After growing my personal following, I was able to start branding myself as an influencer and work with brands on their marketing campaigns.

It’s been great getting to know other people with similar passions and connecting with them.

On my social media profiles I love to share my life adventures with others while inspiring them through hard times. I specially like sharing travel stories to all the amazing places I have been able to visit, share all the delicious food I have in front of me and also help other people grow their audience monetizing their passions.

I hope you enjoy our reviews and content. If there is anything you personally want to share with me please feel free to contact me at [email protected]

Alexis Hayes – Main Writer

I’m a Us born marketer and world-wide based social media expert, extreme sports fanatic, and street wear aficionado. Influencer by day and all-time dreamer.

As someone with many years of experience in social media marketing, I can tell you that it all starts with understanding your audience. You need to be able to speak their language and connect on an emotional level if you want them to feel like they know you. That is where my expertise comes from: understanding how different audiences work together online.

It all started when my sister got into competitive snowboarding as I was just looking for something to do on weekends – apart from my job – that wasn’t sitting around watching TV, I it turned into my sister’s personal photographer and “manager”. Learning from friends how to shoot photos and videos on my phone so that I could document my sister’s snowboarding journey, I eventually ended up growing a passion for social media influencing and then focused on building on my personal brand.

Feel free to reach me out at [email protected]

Why Should You Trust Our Advice?

Honestly? You probably shouldn’t trust just our advice. We always recommend doing extensive research and then coming up with your own conclusion.

We do plenty of research and we have lots of experience in this social media world, we like to believe that we know what we are talking about but we are not a know-it-all. We are happy to know you are reading and listening to us but nothing would make us happier than knowing you found out we made a mistake and then contacting us to let us know. We encourage constructive criticism, that is how we grow. If you do want to reach us out, feel free to contact anyone on the team or check out our Contact Us page.

We hope you enjoy our blog’s content!