Instagram Account Worth Calculator

Influencers and content creators have made Instagram what it is today. If you have a decent number of relevant followers on Instagram, your account could be worth more than you might think.

The platform prohibits in their terms and conditions to sell, buy and transfer accounts. But there are many legit reasons why you might need to do it.

Maybe you are selling your company and want to evaluate your social media accounts in the deal, leaving your partnership on a brand and want to know how much to sell your share or just looking to have a proper business valuation for investors.

Instagram Account Worth Calculator

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As you can see above with the calculator your accounts worth depends a lot on the engagement you have, the niche you are in and of course the number of followers.

Again, technically Instagram doesn’t allow users to sell their accounts but there is always good reasons why someone could transfer their account to someone else.

Regardless of what is the reason you want to know how much your Instagram account is worth, in this guide we’ll tell you how you can calculate it the right way.

How Much is My Instagram Account Worth?

It’s important to keep in mind that Instagram doesn’t pay content creators for the content.

But, the good thing is there are multiple ways to generate income with an Instagram following.

This includes:

Generally speaking, a larger following with a decent engagement rate means higher income on Instagram.

Let’s see what factors other than the follower count decide the worth of your Instagram account.


You can have a million followers, but if they aren’t engaging with your content, they’re worth way less.

The engagement rate of your Instagram account impacts its monetary value. As the engagement improves, your account’s value increases.

On average, the engagement rate of an Instagram account is 3 percent, so anything above that is great.


Your Instagram account’s niche will also affect its price. For instance, if your account is around the entrepreneurship and business niche, it can sell for a great price.

Whereas, if you’re posting memes and your followers are engaging with your posts just for fun, your account’s worth will be a lot less.


The age and location of your followers can also decide your account’s worth.

Typically, people within the age range of 18 – 30 are worth more.

And, audiences from countries like the US, Australia, and Canada are worth more than audiences from other countries.

Growth Rate

Lastly, a consistently growing account is more valuable than an account with slow growth.

If the account has stopped growing in the last few months, then it could mean that the content is not as engaging or they just simply stopped posting.

While this is not a red flag, growth rate is difficult to calculate but needs to be consider specially when it has completely stopped for a long time.

What is a 10K Follower Account Worth?

On average, you can expect an Instagram account with 10K followers to be worth around $100.

Again, your Instagram account’s worth isn’t only decided by the follower count, but you can have a rough estimate in mind.

What is a 50K Follower Account Worth?

If an Instagram account has 50K followers, you can estimate its worth to be around $500.

Also, keep in mind that Instagrammers use a variety of ways to make money with their accounts.

So, the ultimate worth of an account will also depend on the income sources, like affiliate marketing and sponsored posts.

Final Thoughts

Your Instagram account’s worth depends on several factors, including:

  • Your follower count
  • The engagement rate (likes, comments, shares)
  • Your niche
  • Growth rate
  • Demographics (Age and location)

So, if you want to calculate the real worth of your account, considering these factors will give you a near-accurate result.

On average, an Instagram account with 10k followers is worth around $100.