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Instagram Influencer Marketing: The Definitive Guide

As you might be aware of the fact that there is a huge list of premium social media platforms that are competing within themselves to get as many brand influencer marketing clients as possible.

However, when it comes to run influencer campaigns for the clients, then each of these social media platforms comprises its own unique way to pull this task in an efficient manner.

Talking about Instagram, while running the Influencer marketing campaign, one needs to take factors like app algorithm, user engagement, the content style of influencer, and other necessary things into consideration.

The platform of Instagram rose to popularity at such a rapid pace, that it created quite a fandom of its own, that too within a short span of time.

The Instagram platform is known best as a visual platform that allows users to share their pictures and videos with their family and friends with ease.

However, apart from that purpose, Instagram happens to be the best way you can make name for yourself and stand out from the crowd.

One of these ways is by persuading an effective and highly engaging influencer marketing.

Hence, in this guide, we are sharing you with each and every detail that you might need to know about Influencer marketing.

Go through the article till the end, and we assure you that this information provided to your right here, would surely be fruitful for you. 

Why Should Brands Use Instagram for Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing

According to research, it’s been estimated that Instagram has around one billion active users up to date.

Not only this, around 500 million people daily sign up to the platform Instagram.

If you only have a glance at the demographic of Instagram users, you would be amazed to know the fact that the majority of the users lie under the age of 35 and encompass numerous socioeconomic factors.

This is why it’s surely a good option for the brands that are looking forward to getting their hands on a much wider audience and get the organic traffic that they really deserve.

In addition to that, the influencer marketing campaigns that are run on Instagram have proven themselves to be much fruitful and productive than other social media platforms.

One common perspective that people have these days is that Instagram happens to have productive results only for popular and well-known brands.

However, this isn’t the case. Small brands can also get benefited and reach their goals from the platform of Instagram.

Do you really know what makes your Influencer marketing to be successful?

It’s totally dependant on fact that who you have chosen as your influencer and the quality of the content you are using for marketing.

You can also take the help of certain software to find relevant influencers for your track results and campaign. 

How to Use Instagram for Influencer Marketing?

Instagram for Influencer Marketing

When it comes to performing influencer marketing on the platform of Instagram, then there are endless and numerous types of strategies that a brand can choose from.

Coming in handy with viable and premium options like explore page, story, IGTV, and reeling, the platform happens to be extremely versatile to publish literally any kind of content.

Though breaking down everything in front of you might be a daunting task, however, we will try to cover viable strategies along with tips and tricks that a brand can use to promote its product or services via influencer posts.

While initiating and getting started with your Influencer marketing campaign, one surely needs to take these two things into your consideration.

If only you deal with these two factors, then we can assure you that your influencer marketing campaign would turn out to be a good one for sure!


While pairing and partnering up with Influencer over the platform of Instagram, the brands should look into the influencer selection process first.


And while considering the famous and potential Instagram influencers, one needs to assess them according to their following attributes.

  • The audience demographic they come in handy with.
  • The engagement rate their Instagram account carries.
  • How many followers they have on their Instagram account.
  • And the style and type of content and the niche they follow.

While selecting the best Instagram influencer for your brand, you need to evaluate the audience analytics that the brand has so that you can find a perfect match for yourself.

In order to receive the results that you have always desired, it becomes highly important for you to look for the influencer whose follower matches with profile of your targetted audience.

For example, you have a brand of your own. And the services you offer can only facilitate the young ladies and women of the united states, then you need to find an influencer for yourself who is mainly followed by either young girls or ladies.

If only you are able to find an influencer for yourself, whose demographic fits well with your requirements, then you would surely be able to get your hands on the heap of engagement.

Just like the way you have always desired.

Apart from this, it becomes extremely important for you to dig deep down to look at the engagement rate your Instagram influencer comes in handy with, and how authentic followers he has.

This is important. Why? Because it will keep you protected from partnering up with an Influencer whose followers don’t really connect well with him, or with this brand.

If it ever seems like the engagement rate of the influencer you have opted for yourself is not up to the mark or if the follower that influencer has happened to be somewhat suspicious to you.

Then it’s preferred to not partner up with that influencer, as it won’t be of any use to you.

As stated above, evaluating the follower count of the influencer you are looking forward to pairing with is highly important.

The more follower count your famous influencer would have, the more people would be able to see your brand, and hence the more engagement you would be able to receive.

The follower count of the influencer can easily be broken into four different tiers.

Which are as follows;

  • Mega Influencers: These are the influencers who have more than a 1 million follower count.
  • Macro-influencers: These are the influencers who have more than a 500K follower count.
  • Mid-tier influencers: These are the influencers who have more than 50K million follower count.
  • Micro-influencers: These are the influencers who have more than a 10K follower count.

Initial and rapid decision brands often make is that of mega and macro-influencers for the publicity of their brand or service.

The reason behind this happens to be somewhat clear, which is that they have exposure to a large audience.

Which can eventually make enhance your sales revenue.

However, this doesn’t really means that you don’t consider working with small influencers.

You might be surprised to know the fact that small influencers happen to be of more worth than the bigger influencers.

Why? This is because the mega influencers often receive many invitations from brands, which is why their hands are never empty.

So they won’t work that hard for you that a small influencer would work.

Influencers with fewer followers are always in search of brands. And when they get one, they make sure that they fulfill their responsibility in the best possible way.

This is why the results you might receive from a small influencer would be much realistic and optimistic than the results you would obtain from the mega influencers.

Hence, winding up the follower count part, deciding whether to go with mega or micro-influencer should be dependant on the brand and the product you are looking forward to advertising.

Now, by the facts we have stated above, it might seem that we are prioritizing the audience of your influencer comes in handy.

However, this is where you would get to know the importance of the niche and content style your influencer comes in handy with.

What tends to be the common mistake of the brands is that they usually go for the influencers that are either trending or popular within the region the brand is located in.

And with this fact, they usually ignore the niche and content style their brand follows.

If the influencer you have opted for yourself doesn’t fit well with the niche of your product, then we regret to tell you about the fact that your product won’t be able to hit the sky.

Why? This is because the audience he has on his Instagram account has zero connections with the product you are advertising on the account.

Still unclear about what we have stated above? Then let us provide you with a realistic example.

Let’s suppose that you decided to pair up with a fashion influencer that lies within the mega influencers list.

And now you are making that fashion influencer to advertise for a kitchen-related product, then how can you suppose to get the engagement that you are looking forward to?

A fashion influencer would only be of viable help to your brand when your brand is based on the niche of fashion.

With that being said, we hope that this example and the example above might have made things extra clear for you.

Let us now move towards our second sub-heading which is: Types of Content

Types of Content:


The second factor we have on our list is none other than “Type of content”. 

While pairing and signing up a deal with your Instagram influencer, you need to ask them about the type of content that they might be posting on their account for your brand.

Though there are numerous types of Influencer collaborations present on the platform of Instagram.

However, we have enlisted the four famous ones below.

  • An influencer can upload sponsored feed posts on his Instagram feed.
  • An influencer can make his stories sponsored.
  • An influencer can design up a free giveaway post and can post it from his account.
  • An influencer can collaborate and can even take over your account to provide you with the engagement you are looking forward to.

Let us talk about sponsored feed posts first;

On the off-chance that you haven’t heard about what these sponsored posts are, then we have surely got you covered.

These are the type of posts that refer to the photos or videos, in which the influencer is showing off your brand, and can directly post that thing on their feed directly.

The reason why these posts are referred to as sponsored posts is that these posts tend to appear in the main feed of the followers.

Not only this, these posts are featured at the top of the explore feed as well.

Hence, the exposure your brand might receive from these sponsored posts would simply be incredible.

Just like the sponsored post, sponsored stories happen to be the photos and videos that play a vital role in promoting your product.

As a sponsored post is posted on the feed by your influencer, this sponsored story is uploaded as a story from the official page of your influencer.

This way, not only influencer’s followers would be able to see your brands, but that story would run as an advertisement and would be shown even to those people who aren’t following your influencer. 

Now tet us talk about giveaway posts:

If you have been on the Instagram platform for a while, then you probably be aware of what giveaway posts are.

These giveaway posts are the kind of posts in which your influencers give your product to any one of his followers, that too for free.

Giveaway posts are well known for the engagement level they bring to your product, as well as to the account of your influencer.

Here comes the main thing, that how a giveaway post is able to get you the organic traffic that you have always desired. Then we have surely got you covered in this regard.

These giveaway posts require the participants to follow both influencer and your brand Instagram account, leave likes and comments on some specified posts and you can ever ask the participants to share that branding posts on their stories as well.

In the world we live in, nothing comes for free. This is why, whenever a free giveaway is done, the results that come through the giveaway are simply exceptional. 

Lastly, allow us to give you an insight into what brand takeover really means!

The brand takeover is simply a tradition where the influence you have selected for your Instagram influencer marketing, takes over the Instagram account of the brand for quite a time. 

This is a traditional way of doing Instagram influencer marketing, hence if your chosen influencer asks you to do that, you really don’t have to panic at all.

The brand takeover doesn’t really mean that the giveaway post that your influencer would do will be posted from your brand account.

The giveaway post would be posted from the account of your Influencer so that it gets the potential reach it deserves.

Taking over an Instagram account only means that you would show your audience that you have come into an alliance with your Instagram influencers.

This is the way where your followers would get to know more about the influencer you have chosen for yourself, and simultaneously the followers of your influencer would get to know more about your brand.

Hence, it is surely a win-win situation for you and your influencer.

Instagram Influencer Marketing Pricing:


Instagram Influencer Marketing can cost you a fortune.

However, if you don’t actually have a plan, then it is going to cost you even more!

Having said that, it is very important that you plan and set your budgets from the get-go.

Once you have everything in order, we can proceed ahead. Let us break down the different factors that are going to take a toll on the prices of your Instagram Influencer Marketing.

Influencer Size:

As we have already mentioned, the tiers of the Influencers are going to differ depending on the number of followers that they have.

You must also keep in mind that the price of each influencer is going to be based depending on the followers that they have.

You must keep in mind that the higher the prices of an Influencer are, the more costly it will be for you to partner with them.

If you are wondering how the follower count affects the PPP (Price per post), then we have broken it down for you.


If an influencer has 10K-50K followers, they can charge you somewhere from $100-$500.

Influencers with followers up to 50K are known as Micro-Influencers.

Mid-Tier Influencers:

The influencers with a following of up to 50K-500K can charge you somewhere between $500-$5000 PPP.

The influencers with followers ranging from 50K to 500K are known as Mid-Tier influencers.

Macro Influencers:

The Influencers that have a following of somewhere between 500K to 1 Million, can charge you up to $10K per post.

Influencers with this range of following are known as Macro Influencers. 

Mega Influencers:

We cannot give you a price estimate of the price that Mega influencers will charge.

But by far, these influencers are the most expensive ones.

Mega Influencers are the ones that have a following of more than 1 Million.

Types And The Number Of Posts:


We have already broken down the four different types of Posts when it comes to Instagram Influence Marketing.

Just to give you a quick overview, these are Sponsored feed posts, sponsored stories, giveaways, and lastly, brand takeovers.

Depending on the efforts that they have to put in for each post and they’re following the prices of the influencers can vary.

Let’s talk with examples. There are different types of Posts, i.e Sponsored feed stories to cost less than other posts like brand takeovers, or Giveaways.

This is because stories are very easy for influencers to create. On top of that, the stories only last for twenty-four hours.

Moreover, the influencer also has the choice whether or not they want to save the story in their highlights.

Meanwhile, the sponsored feed posts cost a lot more as they require an influencer to make considerably more effort.

Very much like Sponsored Feed posts, you will find that Giveaways cost similar to Sponsored posts.

This is because they get posted on the regular feed of the influencer.

However, since they require the influencers to participate additionally, you will notice that influencers will charge you more for it.

Moving forward, let’s talk about something that costs significantly more than most of the posts.

The reason behind brand takeovers costing more is that the influencer will need to take the time out of their day after which they will create content from an account that is not their own.

Instagram As A Platform:


The pricing of Instagram Influencer marketing is going to vary depending on the Platform you are going to be using.

You will find that Instagram alone costs a lot less compared to other social media platforms.

These platforms include YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook.

Nevertheless, the pricing is going to be dependant on the efforts an influencer will have to make in order to make the content.

YouTube content is the most demanding content of all which means that it is going to be costing more than any other options available on the list.

Frequently, Asked Questions:

Is Instagram the Best Platform for Influencer Marketing?

Each platform comprises its own pros and cons. Thus declaring a platform to be the best one is not really in our hands.

However, all we can say here is that the features one receives on Instagram are hard to find in any other social media platforms out there.

So, yes if you compared Instagram influencer marketing with the other social media app, then calling out Instagram to be the best one might not be wrong.

With that being said, influencer marketing depends from brand to brand as well. If your brand is something that can easily advertise via the help of influencers over Instagram, then you should go for it!

Where Should I Find Influencers for Instagram Influencer Marketing Campaigns?

In the world we live in, technology has become so advanced. And with this advancement, one can surely find paid and free influencer marketing tools over the web.

These influencer marketing tools help a band to find the right type of influencer for the platform they are looking forward to advertising their brand.

It’s obviously clear that the paid version of this Instagram marketing tool would be able to provide you with more enhanced results than a free version might provide to you.

However, it solely depends upon your preference. You need to choose one that suits best with your preference!

Should a Brand Hire an Influencer Marketing Agency for Instagram Campaigns?

While getting started with doing Instagram Influencer marketing for your own brand, you need to be aware of the fact that this Instagram influencer marketing can surely be stressful and complicated.

As stated above, in the world we live in, each and every tool is available over the web.

Only if you spend some time surfing the web, you would surely come across numerous Instagram influencer marketing tools.

This tool allows you to do Instagram influencer marketing in a profound way.

However, going with an Instagram influencer marketing agency might prove to be a good option as well as the people working at the agency would be professionals, and might be aware of each and every single detail that you are not.

However, they would charge you for their services. This is why we prefer you to do Instagram influencer marketing on your own!

Which Type of Post Is the Most Effective for Instagram Influencer Campaigns?

What tends to be the most common mistake people make these days is that they restrict their influencers to advertise their products according to one specific type of post.

And this is where the results you intend to get from the advertisement shatters.

Hence, according to professionals, the advertisement post shouldn’t be limited to one single type of post.

This is why if you find trouble deciding what types of posts you should advertise your brand with? Then we have the perfect solution for you.

Just use the combo of every type of post, and we assure you of the fact that the results you are going to get would simply be incredible.

Should a Brand Use Traditional Advertisements or Influencer Marketing for Instagram Campaigns?

According to us, there is no competition between a traditional advertisement or Instagram influencer marketing campaigns, as both of these ways of advertisement have proven themselves to be of great worth.

However, according to a study, a lot of people believe that Instagram influencer campaigns can prove to hold an immense value to your advertisement techniques as in these types of posts, one has direct support from a famous influencer!

Our Instagram Influencer Marketing Campaigns More Effective at Attracting an Older or Younger Audience?

You might be surprised to know the fact that Hootsuite conducted a study back then, which stated that the age of the audience that’s present on the platform of Instagram happens to lie within the age group of either 25 to 34 or 18 to 24.

This is why we can say that with the firm belief that the Instagram influencer marketing campaign is surely proving itself to be fruitful for attracting an older and younger audience. 

If only you give Instagram influencer marketing a shot, you won’t be disappointed with the results you might receive from it!

What Following Range Should a Brand Look for In an Influencer?

Normally it has been noticed that the brand’s desired followers range happens to be high whenever they go for Instagram influencer marketing strategy.

And according to professionals, this factor shouldn’t prevail when you are looking for an influencer for your brand.

The more amount of followers an influencer may have, the least bothered he will make your brand stand out from the crowd.

This is why,  the smaller the account, the larger the effort influencer will make.

Hence, while opting for an influencer for your Instagram influencer marketing, one really needs to think along with this factor too!

How Much Do Instagram Influencers Make?

This is one of those facts that we can’t simply say. The payment that an influencer charges from its brand are solely dependant upon the fame, the fan following, the engagement rate, and the follower count of the Influencer.

The more of these aspects an Influencer would have, the more money he would be able to earn!

How Do I Advertise Using Instagram Influencers?

In the article above, we have explained to you in detail the ways an influencer is able to advertise your brand for you.

If somehow you don’t remember that part, then let us remind you. An Instagram influencer can create feed posts, Stories, giveaways, and brand takeovers for you.

How Impactful Is Instagram Influencer Marketing?

This is surely a nice question. Just think of it in a way that if Instagram influencer marketing won’t be benefiting users, then the famous brands would have quit doing this practice for a long time.

If only you do Instagram influencer marketing in the right manner, then it would surely have a great impact on your brand!


While wrapping it all up, we believe that the information that we have provided to you above would surely be fruitful for you.

Instagram influencer marketing is surely one of the best ways to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Hence, what are you waiting for? Get started with Instagram influencer marketing of your own now! 

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