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What Does Red Dot Under Home Icon On Instagram Mean?

You might have seen a red dot under the home icon on your Instagram. What is that? Well, you’re not alone in this curiosity.

Briefly put, this red dot serves an essential purpose in managing your Instagram activities. It keeps you updated on the latest activities happening within your circle.

Let’s get into details about this tiny red dot that will appear under your Instagram home icon and how it enhances one overall Instagram user experience.

What Does The Red Dot Under Home Icon On Instagram Mean?

When you see a red dot under your Instagram home icon, it means your following accounts have a new activity that requires your attention. It’s how Instagram signals new notifications for all the Instagram activities – direct messages, likes, comments, new following, and Instagram stories – within your Instagram circle.

To view them, click the love icon at the top right corner. From there, you can see the description of each notification and respond accordingly. Of course, you will only receive notifications for accounts you have enabled, a default setting when you follow an Instagram account.

What Does Red Dot Under Home Icon On Instagram Mean?

If you wish to not receive notifications from particular accounts or are overwhelmed with the notifications, you can always change the setting. To change to your preferred notification setting, go to the “Setting” tab. You can pause all the notifications altogether or selectively disable the notification for each Instagram activity.

All in all, this little dot is quite useful in keeping you informed about what’s happening on your account and maintaining engagement with your followers. Additionally, it also helps in improving your overall Instagram experience.

Thus, remember to check for any red dots, especially under the Home icon, to avoid missing important updates and messages. Be sure to make the most of the other icons, as they allow you to fully engage with the posts and users that interest you.

What Is The Home Button On Instagram?

As an active Instagram user, you’ve likely become familiar with the various icons and buttons on the platform’s interface. One such icon is the home button, located at the bottom left corner of your screen. This handy little button serves as your gateway to all the content you love on Instagram.

When you tap on the home icon, you’re brought back to the main feed of your account. This is where you can browse through posts shared by the accounts you follow, engage with their content, and discover new posts from the social media platform’s vast community.

The home icon is essential for navigation within the Instagram app and ensuring you make the most out of your Instagram experience. By tapping this button regularly, you can quickly return to your main feed and stay updated on the latest posts from your friends and favorite content creators.

If you ever find yourself needing help with the app or wish to return to your feed quickly, remember that the home icon is there to help. After all, it’s your go-to button for simple and convenient access to the world of Instagram!


So, next time you see the red dot under the Home icon on Instagram, be sure to tap on it and explore the latest updates the platform offers. After all, you surely don’t want to miss out on exciting content and important messages from the accounts you care about!

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