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How to Get More Comments on Instagram

Hate bot comments in your posts? Well, in this article we won’t discuss how to get rid of them but we will show you how to get more comments on Instagram to lower the down the bot ones.

According to Instagram, the more people interact with your account with likes and comments the more often your account will appear on their feed.

Engagement is the main driver for social media platforms algorithm, having people engage in your posts is a win-win for you and for Instagram.

So, if you are struggling with not getting enough comments on your posts, then we have surely got you covered.

Fyi, we have also covered how to get more likes on Instagram before, but this time we will focus on what to do to get more comments.

In the guide below, we have enlisted nineteen great ways that will surely help you out to get more comments in your Instagram posts!

19 Ways To Get More Comments On Instagram In 2022

1. Reply To All Comments

reply all comments

The firsts and most important strategy to get more comments is simple to reply to the ones you are already getting!

If you are looking for some ways that guarantee bringing more comments your way, then this is the first step you should take.

When you reply to the comments that you get on your posts your audience will also feel like you are interested in hearing their opinions, increasing brand loyalty and developing a sense of community.

When you respond to comments, followers are more likely to keep the thread going.

Seeing that you have responded to a user, more users will also comment on your profile just to hear back from you!

Keep in mind that if you don’t understand a comment and you want to research what they meant, you can’t just copy the comment. But don’t worry, there are ways on how to copy comments on Instagram that may help you with it.

2. Use the New “Collab” Type Posts

collab post comments

Collaboration posts, especially with other Influencers in your space (or even those outside of your space) can generate a lot of buzz as well.

You have to be careful with these kinds of collabs, though.

The match needs to be perfect for your audience, the messaging needs to be tight and done right, and you really want to be sure that you’re not just doing a digital meet and greet.

You should be bringing something to the table that convinces the followers on the other account to follow and engage with you (or vice versa).

Don’t let this be a wasted opportunity.

3. Add Puns in Your Captions

If you can be cute and funny in your comments you’re going to be able to generate a lot more engagement with your audience, too.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Let your personality shine. Really give yourself, and your audience, a chance to connect authentically.

Your engagement and the value of your followers will skyrocket significantly.

4. Dogs and Cats! Or Horses! Post Photos Of Animals


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A post shared by 9GAG: Go Fun The World (@9gag)

Puppies and Cats own social media! While we are short on providing any kind of research to you to prove it, this one should be a no-brainer.

People respond to cute pictures of animals. If you want to get more comments on Instagram, then you can post multiple pictures of animals in your feed.

There is no question that animals are well accepted on social media. And just like human influencers, there are animal influencers as well.

They can even make just as much money as human influencers!

So if you have any pets or know a good place to take some pictures of them, do it and share them.

5. Post Content At The Right Time

The timing of your Instagram posts is another major piece of the puzzle.

As you might expect, late at night on a Monday usually isn’t quite as “buzzworthy” for a new bit of content to land as early Friday morning, for example.

It’s really all about thinking about your audience, when they are most likely to be active on Instagram, and when they are going to be engaging with your content, especially when they have time to engage with your content.

There are tons and tons of analytic tools out there that can help shine a light on when the perfect time to post content on Instagram for your audience is.

Use those tools to give yourself and unfair advantage over competitors that might not know the value of timing your posts correctly.

6. Ask Your Followers To Comment On Your Post

The simplest way to get something is to ask for it, right?

In the same way, if you want to get more comments on Instagram, you could just go out and ask your followers for them.

Of course, the type of content must be something worth commenting, otherwise asking them to do it will get you no where.

On top of that, you can ask your followers tag their friends or coworkers in the comments to respond to the same question they already answered.

7. Do Not Use Squared Photos, Post Scaled Photos

One of the most important things you have to keep in mind when looking to succeed on Instagram is that everyone else’s Instagram “technically” looks exactly like every other account on the platform. 

This is the nature of the beast. Every bit of content on Instagram is framed the same way, is presented the same way, and is generally distributed across the platform in the exact same way.

Every picture gets its own little corner, it’s a little square. You have to fill that square with the content that you are posting.

Right? Not exactly.

Believe it or not, there’s a lot more freedom and how you distribute and share your Instagram content if you’re willing to be at least a little bit creative.

Scaled content is just one way to get more attention, generate more interest, and to get people talking about your Instagram post and your Instagram content in general.

This isn’t always going to work (sometimes you have to “color within the lines” of Instagram to get your message across), but whenever possible you should be looking for creative ways to frame your content moving forward.

8. Post Something Funny Or Surprising

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that social media is supposed to be, first and foremost, social!

If you’re looking to generate more comments on Instagram organically it’s always a good idea to post something funny, something surprising, and maybe even something a little bit controversial.

You don’t have to go crazy, but if you’re going to get attention in a sea of Instagram content, and especially if you’re going to try and generate engagement and comments with your posting, you’re going to have to provide something of value.

It’s a good idea to create content that can trigger the emotions within a person so that they feel compelled to respond to it.

9. Post Photos Of People’s Faces

smiling faces

Nothing draws people to an Instagram post more than smiling faces, science proves it!

People, after all, want to engage with other people.

We are incredibly social creatures and always looking for a way to generate real connection with the people that we are following online.

Posts with people’s faces regularly outperform posts with any other type of content. This might feel like a bit of a “cheat code” at times, but it works like gangbusters.

Give it a shot yourself to see how effective it is!

10. Make Your Own Memes

Another great option is to make your own memes.

Do not take memes from other accounts, the idea is to be original.

This strategy works even better if you already have a community and some sort of inside jokes, then memes are a must for you!

No matter how professional your account is, if you post any content that makes people laugh and happy, then you will surely be able to get more comments on your posts!

11. Host A Q&A And Ask Followers To Comment Their Questions

Another great approach for generating some incredible Instagram comments, as well as better insight into your Instagram following and audience, is to simply have Question and Answer sessions with your followers.

On the surface this might not seem like the most effective way to get a lot of comments.

But you’d be blown away by the kind of engagement even small Instagram accounts can produce when they post these kinds of sessions.

Like we mentioned a moment ago, you get the added benefit of getting a better feel for what your audience is thinking, what they want to know about you and your account, and all a bunch of other insider insights you wouldn’t have gotten any other way.

12. Share Your Post on Stories

Not all social media users like to spend too much time scrolling through their feeds. But on Instagram, because stories are at the top of the feed, they are the first thing your followers will see.

This is why, in order to get more comments, we suggest that whenever you post something on your feed, you also tell people about it in your stories. 

Don’t worry about having the “same” content twice. Stories disappear in 24 hrs. Maybe your story will go viral before that.

So you can use those 24 hours to make people aware of your last post. 

13. Make A Giveaway Or Contest


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A post shared by Jen Selter (@jenselter)

Everybody (and we mean EVERYBODY) loves a good giveaway!

Maybe you have to sponsor the giveaway yourself. Maybe you have a sponsor offer something really special to your followers. Maybe it’s a bit of a hybrid situation.

At the end of the day, nothing gets people commenting more than the potential to win pretty cool free stuff.

Don’t forget that part, though.

Too many people try to do giveaways with stuff that’s almost worthless or completely untargeted to their audience and then wonder why their engagement is in the tank.

Don’t make that mistake and you’ll be good to go!

14. Write Good-Long Captions

Really take the time to write out your captions, especially those that are going to be a little bit longer than a line or two.

Some people like to do “hit and run” style posts on Instagram. And there’s really nothing wrong with that if that’s how you like to roll most of the time.

If you are going to do longer form content on Instagram, though, really consider what you’re trying to say, how you want to format your content and what you want people to engage with most. 

Think this all through ahead of time and you’ll be able to get more Instagram comments on autopilot.

15. Use Hashtags In Your Favor

If you want to get more comments on Instagram, then using specific niche hashtags on your posts can help lots.

When you add hashtags in a post, your post is more likely to appear more frequently in the searches. Not only that, you will find your posts showing in the Explore section as well.

This will help you get discovered by new users which can share and comment on your posts.

It is estimated that, if you use the right hashtag, you gain about 12% more engagement on a post.

16. Do An Instagram Takeover With Other Influencers

If you are looking for fun ways through which you can get more comments on Instagram, organizing an Instagram takeover can be a great idea.

When you get to do an Instagram takeover, you will reach to a new audience. And on top of that, you also get a chance to work with other influencers.

If you don’t know what it is, in a “takeover” one Instagram user takes over the feed of other user. This takeover’s usually last for about a day.

Keep in mind that, in a takeover, the user has to post according to their point of view on the profile of the other user. 

17. Use Emojis In Captions To Make Them Eye-Catching

Emojis are another “sneak attack” kind of way to boost comments in your content.

Obviously you don’t want to go overboard with them. It’s really easy to do too, give it a try and generate engagement with emojis whenever you can. 

This doesn’t mean that you want to fill every single one of your comments with nothing but tiny little pictures.

But it does mean that you want to use these funny little characters to spice things up, to draw attention, and to pump up engagement.

18. Post More Videos

Want to see some statistics to prove how good engagement is from posting videos. Users are almost 3 times more likely to comment on videos than on single pictures.

Engaging videos is the main reason why new apps like TikTok are able to rise in popularity so fast.

And seeing that you have the option of posting videos on Instagram that can be as long as a minute, you should take advantage of them.

You should start posting interesting videos for your followers.

As mentioned in the other ideas here, you will want to make sure that the videos you share are interesting.

There are many apps for Instagram to make videos, so don’t worry, it is not too difficult to create them.

19. Use Tag’s For People, Brands, Locations

tag people and places

And for the last idea, this is probably the simplest tip that you will come across in this article.

Whenever you post something take some extra seconds to to tag your family, friends, and/or even the brand that appears in your picture.

This works great if you go to a restaurant with your friends, you can tag the restaurant, add the location and tag your friends. All in the same post!

Once you tag them in your post, they will get a notification. With this you will grab their attention and hopefully they would leave a comment in your post.


As we mentioned at the top of the article, due to the increased traffic on the platform, Instagram is always improving their algorithm to deliver the best content to their users.

And in order to deal with this rapidly changing algorithm, you need to have plenty of strategies to stay relevant for the algorithm and your followers.

This is why we are providing you with this guide. The tips and tricks provided above are widely use by marketing professionals and influencers.

We hope that this information above has been useful for you.

Give these tips a shot, and we assure you that your total of comments on each posts will start increasing! 

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