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Instaforce Review – Is It Safe To Use Or A Scam?

Starting a career on social media, or using it to promote your business or brand has never been more important than right now. 

However, Instagram will not garner you much exposure if you don’t have consistent followers and constant engagement. 

Here is when social media services that claim to assist you in growing your social media accounts come into play, and one such company is Instaforce.

Instaforce states they can help you grow your Instagram following organically with real Instagram users.

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In order to see if Instaforce delivers what its promises, follow our Instaforce review and analysis till the end. 

What Is Instaforce?

Instaforce is a social media service that promises to help bring followers to your Instagram profile. They say they sift through authentic accounts that might be interested in what you have to offer then lead them to your Instagram.

Instaforce Review

Their website states they give you access to a social media manager that will continuously monitor your Instagram and report back to you each week with tangible results. 

Instaforce assert their service complies with Instagram’s policies and procedures, which means they do not use any bots or fake accounts in delivering the services. 

It is well known that Instagram does not accept buying fake followers to boost stats. Besides, Instagram is also making an active effort to get rid of inauthentic activity on Instagram which usually produced by bots or fake accounts on their platform. 

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What Does Instaforce Claim To Do?

Instaforce says that its service helps by bringing new followers to your Instagram account. They claim that you can expect to gain more exposure for your account and help boost any potential revenue you’re looking to earn or getting sponsored on Instagram due to these new followers. 

This company mentions that they are bringing in real people to your Instagram page, not some bots or automated fake accounts. 

Besides, their website states a guarantee of delivering at least 400 followers within a month to your account, or they will give you your money back. 

What Do I Have To Do To Sign Up For Instaforce?

When you go to Instaforce’s website, you can select the pricing menu to sign up for their service.

There is a monthly fee of $125. This gets you an account manager that works one-on-one with you, and assists in boosting your follower count with people who will be interested in following you and/or your brand. 

First, they will have you fill out a questionnaire to understand and learn more about your brand or business, including what your goals are, who your competitors are, and etc.

Once they get the result, they will tailor their service based on the results of this questionnaire. This is to ensure the service delivery is in accordance with your needs. 

Are The Followers That Instaforce Claims To Get You Real?

There isn’t a lot of evidence that Instaforce is, or even can, deliver what they promise. There are a ton of negative remarks from customers when they come to the review of Instaforce.

Many say that Instaforce is very difficult to get in contact with, and they have not actually helped in bringing new, organic followers to their Instagram accounts.

Customers have also found difficulty in canceling their account in Instaforce, and some have been charged even after canceling.

Frankly speaking, it seems improbable that such a small team is able to bring so many clients followers in a safe and trusted manner. Moreover, there is no solid evidence provided in their website that the followers they deliver are real people. 

Ultimately, Does Instaforce Deliver What They Promise?

Another thorough review on Instaforce also found plenty of customers have agreed that it can take a while – up to 48 hours at least – for an account manager to contact you once you complete your registration.

When analyzing their website, they provide information about their team. Their team is quite small, especially compared to how much work they claim to do for the businesses and brands they assist.

One can assume you will not get the consistent assistance you have been promised if their staff is really this small.

How Can I Benefit From Growing My Instagram Following?

Up until December, there are more than 2 billion monthly active users on Instagram. Many users look to Instagram to discover new trends and searching for new brands and businesses to support.

Thus, anyone with something to sell or promote should flock to Instagram to reach new potential customers that cannot be reached in any other way. 

Instaforce Review

Generally, having a lot of followers will most likely lead to a boost in revenue for your business. It will also help you get noticed by brands and be asked for a potential partnership, especially if you already are an Instagram influencer or maybe looking to become one.

One important note is that if you’re looking to make money from your Instagram account, having a ton of followers is meaningless if they are not engaging with your account. 

Is Buying Followers Allowed On Instagram?

Instagram does not allow users to buy followers when the followers are not real.

There is a huge problem on Instagram with bots and fake accounts that leave spam comments on profiles to make it appear that they are getting a lot of engagement. 

This issue can create a disingenuous picture of the success of a brand or business and Instagram has been actively suspended accounts for knowingly and unknowingly purchasing fake followers. 

Is Instaforce Affordable Compared To Other Similar Services?

Our Instaforce review found that Instaforce is pretty expensive compared to other similar services. This could be justified if they can guarantee the type of service they claim to be able to give.

A lot of identical services that promise will grow your Instagram account following commonly do so with fake accounts, hence it is better to be cautious and make a deeper research before engaging any social media service. 

In addition, Instaforce also doesn’t appear to force clients into contracts, means you can cancel your subscription with them whenever you’re no longer satisfied with the service. 

Conclusion: Is Instaforce Worth It?

While Instaforce does look to be a somewhat legitimate company with a safe website, what they claim to be able to do for your Instagram account does not seem possible.

Even if it was, the lack of consistent and satisfactory service from account managers and customer service may not be worth the price it charges for this service. 

Furthermore, there isn’t much evidence other than what Instaforce has written on their own website, that the followers they deliver to your page are genuine and real people, and are not actually bots or fake accounts.

In conclusion, with such vague explanations and negative customers’ review about Instaforce, it doesn’t look like they are worth engaging to potentially lose your Instagram account by either getting suspended or worse, having your account deleted by Instagram.

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