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Best Types of Instagram Posts to Increase Sales

Let us guess – when it comes to posting content on your Instagram account, you have problems finding out what type of Instagram post will increase your sales and not just get you some likes.

Do you know what business owners or social media marketers often consider posting content on Instagram to be a difficult task? 

The reason behind this is that they feel every day they have to choose between getting more likes vs selling more.

You can say that the business owners and social media marketers can’t simply generate enough ideas to come up with a well balanced mix of content for their Instagram account.

Well, let us tell you that your followers and your audience appreciates variety of content posted on your account.

If you only keep repeating the same content with a different style, you’ll surely lose your followers sooner or later.

Your followers follow you because you keep them engaged with your posts and they simply love your work.

However, if you can’t maintaining this then you might have to face serious consequences. And we are sure this is not something you will ever want.

This is why, in order to help you out in this tough situation, we are providing you with thirteen different types of Instagram posts we know have helped other brands to increase their sales.

All these types of content happen to be highly enriched with the potential to engage your audience to the fullest.

Let’s begin with our guide! 

Best Type Of Posts to Increase Sales on Instagram

1. Shoppable Instagram Posts

Shoppable Instagram posts have the ability to directly impact your product sales. This is why it is mentioned first, because is the main type of posts that will definitely increase your sales.

These types of Instagram posts are directly linked with the product pages. The link can either be by an image or by text, this really doesn’t matter how they are linked with.

But what actually matters is that these shoppable posts take your potential lead straight towards your product.

Now you must be wondering whether such types of posts actually work?

These posts look like the other images that come in your feed, but as soon as your customer clicks on them, they take them straight towards the product.

Which eventually provides users with a more organic shopping experience.

If you want to know more about shoppable posts then read our extensive guide on how to sell on Instagram on which we describe all the options you have to create them.

2. Limited-Time Sales Posts

Limited Time Sale

This is also one of the most effective types of Instagram posts to increase sales.

Online like in the off-lone world there are a lot of people that don’t appreciate missing out on great offers, in this case buying your products.

Giving your followers a limited-time sale creates a sense of urgency on getting your products and will push them to maybe buy a something they were not completely sure about getting before.

Just remember you can’t create this type of posts too often, otherwise your followers will start waiting for you to release a new limited-time sale and you wont be able to increase your regular sales. 

3. Tutorials On How-To Use Your Products

How-to type of content helps people understand how they are supposed to use your products or services.

There are many brands out there that make this type of content and their sales have never pummeled.

Why are tutorial type of posts a great way to increase sales? Because maybe some of your interested but not convinced yet customers, didn’t know exactly how to use your products or some of their benefits. This type of posts will show them what they are missing!

This type of posts is great to convert a lead into a customer, similar to limited-time sales, sometimes your followers just need a little push.

4. Product Placement Posts


Another good idea of type of Instagram post to increase sales in our list is product placement.

On the off chances that you aren’t aware of what product placement is, don’t worry we have got you covered on this.

Product placement is a post in which an influencer or famous social media account posts a picture with one of your products, without making the product to be too prominent in it.

In much simpler words, this would be a post where a famous social media celebrity would be showing your product without necessarily promoting it.

Why does this type of post work? Shoppers like buy those trendy products influencers personally use. Thus this can surely bring some great  amount of engagement back to your account.

Once you have managed to get your hands on a good collection of product placement Instagram posts wit a few influencers, we are sure the number of followers and interested buyers will grow.

Product placement is also a strategy small-ish Instagram accounts use at the begging of their careers of becoming paid influencers.

5. Testimonials And Review Posts From Customers

Review Posts

A little similar to the previous type of post, testimonials and reviews type of posts use the same idea of making your products look more appealing by leveraging the experience of past customers.

The difference to product placement is that in this case you can use the experience of non-famous people and because of this it is way cheaper.

We would recommend you to try highlighting feedback that your customer provided upon your services, and then make content out of it by adding your thoughts and insights of that product.

You might be aware of this fact, but product review posts can also leave a positive image of your account in the eyes of the users. Why? This not only shows your potential leads that you do take time out of your busy schedule to read their feedback, but they will surely think that you care about them.

Hence, this will gradually enhance the relationship you have with your customers and as consequence increase the engagement they have with your account.

6. Share Your Followers Content About Your Produtcs

 These types of Instagram posts to increase sales might feel like just another typical post, but believe us, they are not.

Using User Generated Content type of posts is one of the best ways through which you can benefit your business when it comes to generating more sales.

As a brand, you can ask your users to share posts that they have created with your products. Make sure that you ask them to create content using your brand’s hashtags.

When they use your hashtags, you will be able to find the content that they have created.

Once you find a post created by one of your followers that matches your regular post requirements then you can share that post in your feed or your stories tagging the original account of the UGC.

Since your followers might not have a big amount of followers, they being featured on a bigger account like yours will probably bring them new followers too.

This is a win-win for you and your followers. You will be getting lots of people sharing your products and a few of them will get a little taste of fame.

7. Sneak Peeks of New Products

One way in which a brand can increase their sales average of their products is by building up hype and excitement around them.

This idea surely works best when it comes to new products. As they are new in the market, and people are eager to know more about them.

Now here comes the real question, how can you create the type of hype where potentials customers are waiting to get your products?

We think creating the hype and excitement for your product is not too complicated. All you need to do is, once you have new product coming out to the public soon then you can start posting sneak peeks and teaser posts on your Instagram account.

One single post is not going to make a difference so you should post a series of teasers on your social media accounts in which you can reveal one feature of your product in every sneak peer.

By the time you are ready to release your product to the world, your product would be hyped up already and will have customers ready to buy it. This type of Instagram posts to increase sales is always worth trying when you have new products.

8. Instagram Poll Posts

Instagram Stories

If you want to be able to sell on Instagram, then it is essential that you know which is your target audience.

Not only that, but you also have to know that what is kind of services and content your audience is expecting from you.

You will find this kind of strategy to be the standard practice of just about every big brand. That is why is a good practice to use this type of Instagram posts to increase sales. 

Now that we have established that it is essential for you to have knowledge of what your target audience demands, one of the best ways to do that is by using the Instagram Poll features.

This feature can help you a great deal when it comes to collecting information from your target audience. Using poll type posts on Instagram, you will be able to ask your Instagram audience different questions.

This way, you will also be able to come up with proven ideas about what works for your audience and what does not.

When you use Instagram poll’s  you usually ask your followers a question then they can choose one of two options.

Once the poll expires, you will be able to see the results. This way, you will be able to suit your promotions according to what your audience want from you.

9. Use Instagram Stories

Do you know what is one of best things about Instagram stories? You can post as many of them as you want. That too without even disrupting your main Instagram account feed,

Having said that, this leaves enough room for you to show your creativity to your followers and showcase all the products they can get from you.

One thing that we can’t simply resist mentioning is that Instagram stories let you take full advantage of real-time marketing.

This means you can post your current, relevant content on your story, and can enjoy instant feedback from your audience. You now right away how many people has watched your story.

Plus, because Instagram stories only last for 24 hours, this creates a sense of urgency among your followers to tell you what they think about your services or your products.

You can also get replies on your stories talking about your products which you can easily make a collage out of it and can post it on your Instagram account.

Stories is certainly one of the best type of Instagram posts proven to increase sales. Specially if you happen to make one of your Instagram stories viral.

10. Viral Giveaways!

Viral Giveaway Posts

In the world we live in, nothing really comes for free. This becomes one of the reasons why posts that comes with the label “free” tag on them, manage to generate tons of engagement on their own.

And this is why many popular businesses and brands present on Instagram use this word to grab the attention of their followers towards their page and their content.

Considering that, freebies and giveaway Instagram posts happen to be an effective type of Instagram post.

If your account has been suffering lately of low engagement with current followers or can’t get new followers for a while, then a giveaway can make your followers to engage more and they can also bring more new followers to you.

All you need to do is to create a quite colorful and appealing giveaway banner, and then post it in your Instagram feed.

In the caption section below, explain to your followers what this giveaway is about, and what prize the winner may get?

Here, you can take a step forward and can delay the giveaway day to another week.

For a whole week, you can post something related to your giveaway, without making your followers bored.

This way, coming up with content for a whole weeks is way easier.

Your engagement will most likely grow with this type of post.

11. Instagram Contest (an upgrade from giveaways)

As you may have read above, giveaways can be one of the most powerful strategies when it comes to generating new prospects for your business.

While Instagram Giveaways work amazingly, making contests on Instagram is also one of the best ways when it comes to getting more sales!

Contrary to what you might be thinking, they both are different from each other.

Giveaways feature the idea of giving prizes to one or a few winners but it doesn’t have any high requirements and just about anyone can enter the contest.

When it comes to contests, however, they are much harder to win and they require much more skills in order for a person to qualify.

In a contest people will often have to work more to win a larger prize. While in a giveaway anyone can enter for example by following and liking an posts, on a contest is not uncommon to ask participants to show a picture or a video sharing a story regarding the theme of the contests.

Because contests involve more work for everyone, you and your followers, they are usually run for a little longer than giveaways.

Contests definitely increase the engagement of your followers, because it is not as easy to win they have to put more effort into it which will make them more engaged with you.

12. Behind The Scenes Content (BTS)


BTS scenes are yet another one of the most unique types of Instagram posts to increase sales that you will see on this list.

While posting BTS content can make the users see all the hard work that goes into making the content or services for them, they are more likely create a better bond with your business!

With this you will be able to develop the personality of your brand and you can also take input from your followers to improve, since they will feel like they are more connected to you they will be able to give you better feedback.

In most cases, posting BTS content gives a human face to your business. This will bring in better credibility for your business.

13. Feature Famous Instagram Celebrities And Influencers


This is one of the most mainstream yet effective type of Instagram post to increase sales.

In these types of posts, you find influencers connected to your niche as they are a better fit as compared to using non-related influencers.

Seeing that big names are endorsing your name, people are most likely to purchase or share your business.

However, if the featured celebrity also shares your post featuring them, they can help you generate even more sales!

A difference of the product placement type of posts, in this one you want the influencer to mention your product.

Yes, this seems like more “salesy” type of posts but people is used to see them more and more everyday, there is nothing wrong with hiring other big social media accounts to promote your products.


As literally the whole world actively uses Instagram, it has become more and more difficult everyday for businesses and brands to stand out from the competition.

The audience lately has high expectations from brands and businesses now.

And with the high expectations, it has become immensely hard for social media marketers to keep their followers engaged and come up with content that increases their sales.

The users present on Instagram happen to react best to the posts that come in handy with top-notch content and great visuals.

These two factors in your post, can simply make your content stand out of the crowd but that doesn’t necessarily mean an increase in sales, you do have to use a few other strategies on top of that.

We hope that the above-mentioned types of posts to increase your sales on Instagram help you. You can use one, all and a combination of them. Definitely give each of the tips a try and see what results they bring you. 

All we know is that, if only you give one of these tips a shot, you won’t regret your decision ever.

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