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Can You Have Multiple Accounts On Instagram Threads?

Threads, the Twitter competitor developed by Meta, has quickly gained popularity in the realm of social media. Setting itself apart from other platforms, Threads seamlessly integrates users’ Instagram profiles, allowing them to transition effortlessly into this new digital environment.

While both Instagram and Facebook have enabled users to manage multiple profiles within their respective applications for some time now, the question arises as to whether this capability extends to the Threads platform.

If you want to know more about how Instagram and Threads accounts are linked and if you can have multiple ones, keep on reading.

Can You Have Multiple Accounts On Instagram Threads?

Yes, Threads does allow you to have multiple profiles within the same app but each account needs to be linked to a different Instagram account.

However, it comes with a restriction on simultaneously using these profiles. To navigate between them, users must log out and initiate a switch from the login interface.

Multiple Accounts On Instagram Threads

You can see it as how your Instagram or Facebook account is linked to a phone number or email. The same idea applies to Instagram-Threads accounts.

Yes, you can create multiple accounts in Threads if you also have multiple Instagram accounts. If you do, you can manage them all from your phone.

Additionally, you won’t be able to have Threads without an Instagram account.

How Can I Switch My Account On Instagram Threads?

To switch profiles in Threads, users need to go through a few steps involving logging in and out of their different profiles if they are already logged into the Instagram app on their phone.

Here is a straightforward guide on how to accomplish this:

  1. Open the Instagram app on your device and log into the various profiles.
  2. To log into another Instagram profile, visit your profile page within the app and tap the arrow next to your Instagram username.
  3. Select the “Add Account” option and enter the user ID and password for the additional profile.
  4. You can switch between your Instagram accounts by tapping the arrow next to your account username and choosing the desired account.
  5. Once you have successfully logged into your different Instagram profile, make sure you download and launch the Threads app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  6. On the login page of Threads, you will see a prompt to log in with your main Instagram profile.
  7. Under that, there is another prompt to change profiles. Simply select the profile you wish to log in with.

Switching Profiles On Threads

While Threads simplifies the process of adding multiple Instagram profiles to its application, it’s important to note that users must still log into the respective Instagram profiles separately.

In terms of features, some users have expressed a few limitations they have encountered with Threads. Notable omissions include the absence of a direct message (DM) button on Threads itself (available on Instagram profiles), the inability to view quote posts, a single type of home page (only “For You,” without a “Following” option), and the lack of a “Switch Account” feature. These aspects are worth considering when evaluating the functionalities of Threads.

Switching Profiles On Threads

Threads, launched by Meta on July 6, 2023, serves as a potential alternative platform for users seeking alternatives to Twitter, particularly following Elon Musk’s eventful acquisition of the platform last year and the subsequent introduction of the Twitter Blue subscription.

As the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus, Meta aims to compete in the social media landscape with Threads. The platform has already attracted an impressive user base of over 10 million within its initial hours of release.

If you want to know which user number you were, your account ID will reflect it. This badge can be hidden in your Instagram profile btw, in case you don;t like how it looks.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Threads is a new app with lots of hype and new users, it’s not uncommon to not find all the features you would want or answers to the questions you have.

But, as with anything new, it’s fun to discover and explore what a new social media platform will bring us.

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