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YouTube Videos Loading But Not Playing On Smart TV

Nowadays, YouTube and Smart TVs are one of the most perfect combinations for everyday entertainment. But sometimes, things can go sideways. One common issue is that the videos are loading but not playing on the Smart TV.

Here’s how you can resolve YouTube videos not playing on your Smart TV.

YouTube Videos Loading But Not Playing On Smart TV

Before getting into the nitty-gritty, you should thoroughly do a background check to avoid any future hassle. Since YouTube is an online platform, the app is constantly being updated to fix bugs and improve performance. One of the key things to check out is if YouTube supports your Smart TV.

Compatibility issues are one common reason for the app not working.

An unstable internet connection is also a common cause for YouTube to glitch. Also, issues with the app itself are not out of the ordinary.

Sometimes, the app itself is corrupted and can cause issues with playability. After taking note of these possible causes, continue reading for a few solutions to resolve the issue.

How To Fix YouTube Videos Loading But Not Playing On Smart TV

Reset Your Internet Connection

Restarting your Internet is one potential fix for YouTube not working on your TV. The suggested Internet speed to stream YouTube clips is around 5 Mbps. Hopefully, by resetting the connection, your network has cleared up any possible bottlenecks.

Restarting Your TV

Restarting your Smart TV can also possibly fix YouTube not working on your device. Letting your device rest before plugging it back in can warm a few systems up. And by doing so, the TV may be ready to play YouTube this time.

Clean And Re-Plug Cables

Clean And Re-Plug Cables

If nothing seems wrong with the software, it’s time to turn to hardware solutions. Check your cables to see if they are properly connected to your Smart TV.

Faulty and unstable connections to your TV can also cause issues with the device working together as a whole. And the problem can spill over to software-related concerns such as YouTube not working properly.

Check Updates

Since YouTube makes sure its performance is always smooth, regular updates are expected. These updates come in different forms, from major changes to simple bug fixes. Updating the YouTube app might fix the glitch if videos won’t play on your device.


Sometimes, YouTube videos won’t play because of a network issue. Connecting to a Virtual Private Network (or VPN) can fix this problem. Choosing the right VPN type is important so that you can still stream YouTube videos seamlessly.

Re-Install YouTube

Another solution is to re-install YouTube by deleting it and then downloading the app again. A fresh copy of YouTube can also be a possible solution to videos not playing on your Smart TV. Make sure to take note of important login details such as your password before doing so.

Final Thoughts

Again, YouTube videos not playing on your Smart TV can happen for a variety of reasons. Try out each step with careful trial and error. As long as everything is properly checked, it’s possible to stream your favorite videos again in no time.

Hope this article has helped you and solved your problems.

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