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How To Fix Instagram Tagging Not Working?

Did you ever encounter issues or have a hard time tagging someone on Instagram? If yes, this article is all you need to fix the possible problem.

There are a few common ways for you to know if Instagram tagging is not working. You can notice it by – tags disappeared on Instagram posts, the tags don’t show up on the posted picture, or you’re not able to tag anyone at all before posting a picture.

All these issues can be extremely frustrating as tagging allow others to recognize the people in your photos. By the end of this article, you’ll know how to fix Instagram tagging not working.

Let’s begin.

How to Fix Instagram Tagging Not Working?

First, follow the person you want to tag in a post. This is the very first step you should do before you can tag anyone. After you have successfully follow them, only then you do some test on our suggested solutions.

Let’s get to them.

1. Ask Them to Approve the Tag

If the person you are trying to tag has the “manually approve tags” option enabled, you could send them a private message to ask them to approve your tag.

2. New Accounts Need To Wait for 1-3 weeks

If your account is new, you probably will have to wait approximately 1 to 3 weeks before Instagram allows you to tag anyone in your post.

3. Check the Number of Tags

Instagram doesn’t allow more than 20 tags per post, so it is important that you make sure you are not exceeding that tagging limit. If tagging more than 20 profiles is necessary, “@mention” the additional usernames in the comment section. Remember, you will need to post multiple comments for this to work.

4. Send Them a Request

If you think the person has a private Instagram account and they’re not following you, send them a request to approve your tag. You can’t tag a private account on Instagram.

5. Check Your Spellings

If all of the above doesn’t work, double check on the profile username that you want to tag. Make sure the spelling of username you are entering is correct.

6. Update Your Instagram App

Sometimes, you will have such problem when your Instagram app version is not updated. If all the above solutions are not working for you, go to your Google Play /Apple App Store to make sure you have updated the latest version Instagram app.

7. Contact Instagram Help Center

In case none of the above works, contacting and getting in touch with Instagram customer support would be the right way to go.

You can drop an email at [email protected] and have your issue checked.

When I Tag Someone On Instagram It Doesn’t Show Up On Their Page

The most common reason why when you tag someone it doesn’t show up on their page is because they have to approve the tag manually.

manually approve tags

There are multiple reasons why sometimes tagging doesn’t work but if you successfully tagged someone, you can see the tag in your post but it doesn’t appear in the other account profile then it’s the “manual” approval that has to be done.

Otherwise, it could be that they don’t allow tags at all, or they only allow tags from accounts they follow and you are not one of them. But if any of this is the case, then the person shouldn’t come up on your tagging options at all.

Why Can’t I Tag Myself On Instagram

Tagging yourself on Instagram problems is usually related to your privacy settings, you probably have “Don’t allow tags” enabled in your account which prevents you from tagging yourself.

When that is the problem to your issue you can simply change the setting to “Allow tags from everyone” and you will instantly have the option again to tag yourself.

In the case that, the solution above doesn’t solve the issue you can look into the other common options to fix tagging problems. Usually, not being able to tag other accounts will be the same error as tagging yourself when your settings are fine.

Why Can’t I Tag Someone On Instagram

When you can’t tag someone on Instagram is because they have to manually approve the tag, don’t allow tags or only allow tags from people they follow.

This issue is mainly related to the “tags and mentions” settings the account you are trying to tag has set.

tags and mentions settings

The only way for you to know if any of the reasons described above why you can’t tag someone is to reach out to them and ask them directly.

If it’s someone you don’t know and can’t ask them, then that’s probably why you can not tag them, maybe it’s a popular account that has limited their tags because many people are trying to do the same as you. But, if it’s a friend then reaching out is the best solution since they also could not be aware there are settings on their account that are preventing them from getting tagged.

Why Are My Instagram Tags Not Showing Up

If your tagged posts are not showing up could be because you have to “manually approve” them before they can appear in your profile.

When you have selected “Manually Approve Tags” in your settings, you will have to go to each tag and approve it. Otherwise they will remain hidden until you do so.

If you don’t have that option selected then it could be that maybe you can only be tagged by accounts you follow. When that is the case you can just simply follow the account that tagged you or change your settings to “Allow tags from everyone”.

When none of those options solve your problems you should check on the other ways to fix tagging problems we have described in this post.

Why Can’t I Be Tagged On Instagram

If you can’t be tagged, it’s because your account has enabled the “Don’t allow tags” setting. Other reasons could be because only people you follow can tag you or you have to manually approve the tag.

All these issues can be solved pretty quickly by changing your tagging settings to “allow tags from everyone”.

If you don’t want to enable that option then you will have to check exactly what the problem is and do the fix that specifically solves that problem.

Why Is Instagram Tagging Not Working?

Here are the five most common reasons on why you are not able to tag someone on Instagram:

  1. The person has disabled tagging feature in their profile settings
  2. Your account is too new to tag anyone
  3. You tagged too many people in your photo
  4. The person you are trying to tag has set their profile to private
  5. The username you’re entering is incorrect

Thus, whenever your Instagram tagging is not working, you will need to figure out the causes first. A tagging error is one of the glitches that you need to address methodically.

Unfortunately, Instagram won’t tell anyone why there is a tagging issue for their posts. It is something that requires you to unravel yourself.

Luckily for you, figuring out the root cause doesn’t need much effort, it is an easy and quick process. So what are we waiting for, let’s talk about the reasons one by one.

1. Tagging IsDisabled

This is probably the most common reason why you will encounter an Instagram tagging error. Sadly, you can’t tag someone on Instagram if they have disabled their tagging feature.

Instagram allows its users to control who can tag them in a post. You can prevent others from tagging you as well by enabling the option “manually approve tags” in your privacy settings.

Therefore, anyone that enabled this setting can’t be tagged in any photos. You will need to wait for them to approve your tag manually.

Instagram tagging not working

2. New Account

Instagram restricts new accounts to take certain actions. For instance, you can only follow more than a set number of people with a new account.

Similarly, if you are not able to tag anyone, there is a possibility that your account is too new to do that.

This is probably because Instagram tries to keep bots from spamming the site. It’s like a “sandbox” where your Instagram account gets restricted at its initial stages to keep the platform fair.

3. Too Many Tagged

Too Many Tagging

Another common reason you have a tagging error is that you might have tagged too many people in your post. Just so you know, Instagram allows you to tag only up to 20 users in one post.

Consequently, if your tags exceed the 20 people limit, you won’t be able to post your photo. Which means, even if your post includes multiple images (carousel), the upper limit to the number of tags per post remains at 20 tags.

Another restriction that Instagram has is you can’t “@mention” more than 5 people in a single comment. Try adding a 6th “@mention” and your comment won’t’ be uploaded.

In case you really want to tag more than 20 people in a photo, you can use the “@mention” feature, with the trick of adding multiple comments under the post.

4. The Other Person Has A Private Account

If you’re not following each other on Instagram, you won’t be able to tag a person who has set their Instagram account to private. Thus, if you are not able to tag someone, there is a chance that you haven’t followed them on Instagram and they have set their account to private.

The only way to tag a person with a private account is by following them and getting accepted. Only then you will be able to see their photos and tag them in yours as well.

5. Incorrect Username Spellings

Usually, people will have a different Instagram username than their account name. Due to this reason, these usernames can sometimes can be quite difficult to remember.

Hence, if you are not able to tag someone, there is a chance that you are entering an incorrect username that they have used for their account.

To fix this is easy, just search for the user first and check if the username is the same one you were using.

6. Blocked By The Person

If you are certain that you are using the right username and still not able to tag someone, there is a chance that the person might have blocked you on Instagram.

When someone blocks you, they basically disappear from your feed and you can’t find them anywhere on Instagram. You can check if someone has blocked you by trying to search for their username. If they don’t appear in the search results, it means they have either blocked you or deleted their account.

7. The Person Has Been Banned Or Deleted Their Account

Has Been Banned

If you can’t find someone on Instagram, there is a chance that they might have deleted their account or possibly got banned by Instagram.

In such cases, you obviously won’t be able to tag them. You can’t fix this other than double checking the user is still in the platform.

8. The Person Has A Business Account

If you are trying to tag a person who has a business account, you won’t be able to do that. The reason being, business accounts don’t allow other people to tag them.

The only way you can tag a business account is by tagging their product or services in your post which are available for sale on their website or any other platform.

9. Bug In Instagram

There are chances that the tagging feature might not be working because of a bug in Instagram. If you think this is the case, then all you can do is wait for Instagram to fix the issue.

You can also try to close your app and open it again.

If you check everything on the app and still not working but you are sure is an Instagram problem, you can download the app again and see if that fixes the issue.

10. Check Your Internet Connection

If you are trying to tag someone and getting an error, there is a chance that your internet connection might be the reason. Try tagging someone when you have a stable internet connection and see if that works.

Either try getting on your WiFi and test it out, or if you have been trying on WiFi then get out and try it with your phone network.

Final Thoughts

Tagging Not Working

Tagging is an important aspect for a social media platform like Instagram. It allows you to connect to people who are relevant to the post and let the audience to visit their profile through that tag.

However, there are time when the Instagram tagging might not working , and those situation can be very frustrating as Instagram wouldn’t tell you what are the causes.

If you are facing an error while tagging someone on Instagram, it could be due to several reasons. Fortunately, there is a solution to every one of those reason and we’ve discussed every single one of them in details.

Ultimately, follow the instructions in this article on how to fix Instagram tagging not working whenever you experience tagging issues. In return, you will for sure be able to keep tagging your friends on Instagram without any hassle.

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