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Accidentally Liked A Photo On Instagram Then Blocked Them

It is your pass time and you are lying on your couch, familiarly scrolling through your Instagram feed. Suddenly you have a thought of checking out your ex’s Instagram profile.

You try to be as careful as you can while scrolling, yet you still somehow accidentally like one of the photos. Now you are panicking and not sure what to do as you really don’t want them to find out. Don’t worry, this happens to everyone. But we are here to try to help you out!

Before we get into details, you need to know that Instagram will send notifications to users whenever their post receives a like. This means the moment you double tap or click the heart on an Instagram post, as long as the push notifications is activated on their device, the user will surely get a notification.

Here we will clarify some questions and include the most common actions you can take to fix this error.

If You Accidentally Like And Quickly Unlike On Instagram Then Block Them

When you like and quickly unlike on Instagram then block them, the user will get a push notification of the “like” but when they go to Instagram’s notifications they won’t see anything there.

Sometimes, apps take a few seconds to register your interactions, this is usually caused by a slow connection or your phone just running slower than usual, if you are lucky then the push notification won’t be sent to the other user’s phone.

It is important that you know the difference between “push notifications” from “app notifications”. In a way, a push notification is sent to the phone and that can’t be removed once sent. On the other end, app notifications can be deleted. So, Instagram will delete your “like” if you like, unlike and block someone right away.

if you like and quickly unlike on Instagram then block them

If you liked and old post but don’t want them to find out what you can do is to un-like the post you did, and like a newly updated post. This way, the user will only receive an alert for the latest activity. Not only will you avoid the embarrassment of them knowing you are viewing their old posts, it also makes them think you are there for their recent posts.

However, such a trick has its limitations. You can only bluff your way if you are a follower of the account, and they do have recent posts for you to like to cover up the embarrassment.

Otherwise, you can only use another alternative, although it is not recommendable as it can be quite a nuisance for many. What you can do is to disable your Instagram accountif you accidentally like the post of that unwanted person.

By disabling your account, all the Instagram likes, comments, and notifications, together with your profile will be temporarily removed. The troublesome part is you can only disable your account by logging into Instagram web, which means a browser is needed for this alternative.

When You Block Someone On Instagram, Do Your Likes Disappear On Their Photos?

No, when you block someone on Instagram all your previous likes and comments will still appear on their posts.

So if you are worried they will notice you blocked them by them not seeing your likes anymore, do not worry, that won’t happen.

Or if you are looking for a quick way to remove all the likes and comments you have made, this won’t work. You have to do it manually one by one.

Also, your likes and comments on other public accounts or accounts the blocked account follows will still appear and are visible for them.

Since you can block single accounts and also all the new accounts they create, the same conditions will apply to the new accounts by the blocked account.

It can get a little confusing but overall, Instagram blocked accounts usually won’t have a way to see any activity related to you unless it is in another public account or you both follow the same one.

Like And Remove The Like On Instagram Quickly

If you accidentally liked a photo and immediately un-like the post, what happens is that the user will receive a notification, but Instagram will remove the notification right away too.

Considering the above situation, it takes a lot of luck to go unnoticed. It all comes down to whether the user is on their Instagram when the incident occurs.

If at that precise moment when you like the post and the user is on their Instagram, there is a possibility that they have received the notification in a fraction of a second and notice you.

On the other hand, if the user is not on Instagram when the incident happens, you might be lucky as there is a chance that you will go unnoticed.

Accidentally Liked A Photo On Instagram

If Someone Blocked You On Instagram Does It Block All Your Accounts?

Not necessarily, someone can block you on Instagram for a single account but if they wish to block your other accounts they will also have to add them to the block list.

One option is to also block all the new accounts you create, said accounts will be automatically blocked. But any previously created accounts have to be added one by one to the blocked list.

Unless they know all of your other accounts they might not be able to block you – the person – from the app until they add all of your accounts to their blocked list.

How To Avoid Accidentally Liking A Photo On Instagram?

In a nutshell, accidentally liked a photo of someone you want to hide from on Instagram is embarrassing, and it is a mistake which we are all exposed to.

Nevertheless, there is a way to stop accidental likes on Instagram, which is by enabling airplane mode on your device. Yes, it might sound strange, but this method works like magic. What you can do is to wait a prudent amount of time for all the posts to load before scrolling through that person’s Instagram profile.

Avoid Accidentally Liking Photo On Instagram

Even if you accidentally like or double-tap on the photo, it will have no effect as the airplane mode prevents your likes being alerted and you can un-like a post without any issue. Hence, you will no longer need to worry about the likes that you accidentally give away.

Or you can always browse your Instagram account from your computer. This way, you can lower the risk of accidental likes by a lot compared to app browsing.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, when you accidentally liked a photo on Instagram then blocked them, the likes will be removed. There are also few other alternatives that can be used whenever such situations occur, although some are less ideal than the others.

The best method to use if you are thinking of scrolling through the account of an ex, a crush or an enemy is to set your device to airplane mode. In this mode, you won’t need to worry about accidental likes as you can revert the mistakes right away without worrying the user will receive any notifications.

Last but not least, you need to stop worrying about any accidental likes on Instagram. After all, it is a mistake that can be amended in a simple way, and just like you, it is a common incident that has happened to everyone.

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