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How To Delete Instagram Messages From Both Sides

Instagram direct messages are a great way to communicate with your friends, engage with your audience or reach out directly to customers.

Every now and then, you may send a message that you want to delete for both you and the recipient, ensuring they do not see it.

This may be due to a typo or a message that you no longer deem as appropriate.

Some platforms do not allow you to remove an unwanted message from both sides of a conversation but Instagram has implemented this feature.

We will break down exactly how to delete Instagram messages from both sides below.

How To Delete Instagram Messages From Both Sides

To delete a message on Instagram so that it is removed for both parties, follow the below steps:

  1. Do to your Instagram direct messages taping on the paper plane icon
  2. Open the conversation where you want to remove a message
  3. Click and hold the message you want to unsend
  4. On the menu that pops up, tap on unsend message
  5. Done!

Messages that are deleted on Instagram will disappear for both you and the person that you sent them to.

Can You Delete Instagram Messages For Both Sides?

Yes, you can delete messages for both sides on Instagram, it is really easy and straightforward to do.

The only difference is, instead of “deleting”, Instagram includes an “unsend” message function that does the same thing as deletion on other apps.

Can I Recover Unsent Messages?

Once you have unsent a message, there is no way to restore or recover the message on Instagram, so be certain that you actually want it to be deleted for both parties.

Can I Recover Unsent Messages

If you send a message via Instagram and then instantly unsend it, there is a chance that the recipient will still receive a notification of the message, so keep that in mind.

After some time you deleted the message, the notification will also disappear from the other person’s device.

Can The Other Person Unsend My Messages?

The other person in a conversation within Instagram DMs can delete their own messages, but they cannot unsend messages that you have sent to them.

Can You Unsend A Message From An Instagram Group Chat?

The same principle of unsending messages applies in group chats and the unsent message will be removed from all of the other members’ devices.

Even if you are the creator of the group conversation on Instagram, you do not have the power to delete messages that you did not send.

Can You Unsend A Message From An Instagram Group Chat

Does Unsending A Message On Instagram Notify The Other Person?

When you unsend a message on Instagram, the app will not notify the other person that you have removed it.

While you can remove individual messages you have sent for both you and the other person, you cannot delete an entire chat thread at once.

If you do want to delete an entire conversation from your list, simply swipe left on it and then tap delete.

Delete My Instagram Account, Will It Delete My Messages To Other Users?

When you choose to delete your Instagram account, your messages will still be visible to all recipients despite your account no longer existing.

Can You Delete Multiple Messages At Once On Instagram?

While you can delete messages so that they are removed for both you and the recipient, there is no official way to unsend multiple messages at a time.


Many apps will not allow you to delete messages for both sides but Instagram is a welcome exception.

By opening your direct messages, holding down on a message and clicking unsend, you can ensure that the message is removed from both you and your recipient’s device.

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