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Best Device For Blogging

If you’re an aspiring blogger, you need to invest in the right device to kick-start your blogging journey.

A laptop can be great, but a computer has its own benefits. Maybe you are constantly on the move and want to know whether a tablet or mobile phone can get things done more effectively?

Whatever your confusion, you’ll get your answer after reading this guide. 

We’ll talk about your hardware and software needs as a blogger and the pros and cons of different blogging devices

By the end of this guide, we hope you’ll know exactly which device is best for blogging and why. Lets start!

What Are Your Blogger Hardware And Software Requirements?

First, you need to understand your blogging requirements. This will help you make an informed decision about the best device for blogging.

It is not the same as what you will get from a phone than from a desktop computer, for example.

Your needs will evolve over time and as your blog grows, but in the beginning, you should consider these hardware and software requirements.

So let’s start with the hardware and software basics you need to know.

Here are some important factors to consider:

Internet Access And Browser

One of the most important features of a blogging device is a stable and fast internet connection. Plus, you should be able to use a browser on your device. Thankfully, almost all devices have these qualities today. 

Why is it important? Because you will use your internet connection to:

  • Write and edit your posts
  • Research topics
  • Stay updated with the latest news in your industry
  • Promote your content
  • And more

A Good Keyboard

A Good Keyboard

Obviously, your blogging device needs to have a keyboard where you can type your blog posts. It could be a physical keyboard or a virtual one.  

Tablets and phones don’t have a physical keyboard. But they come with a virtual one that you can use when needed.

The important thing is that the keyboard is comfortable to use and has all the keys you need (like the function keys). This will make writing posts much easier for you. 

If your keyboard is not comfortable enough for you, you can always get an external one. The good thing with getting one is that more wireless ones are bluetooth and you can connect it to all your devices.

Storage Space

Low storage space isn’t always a deal-breaker as we have several free and paid cloud storage solutions these days. 

For instance, even if your blogging device doesn’t have enough storage space, you can use Google Drive to save your data.  And the best part is that you can access this data from anywhere.

You should still consider getting a device with enough storage space. This is important if you: plan to save a lot of files, like pictures and videos, you will work offline often and also want to keep a backup of your data.

RAM And Processor

The processing speed of your blogging device matters a lot, especially because you’d likely be multi-tasking most of the time. 

For instance, while researching a topic, you might have to open multiple web pages and work on a word processing software simultaneously. 

The good thing is you don’t need a very high RAM or industry-leading processor for basic blogging tasks. 

On average, 4 GB RAM and a Core-i3 processor will do the trick. 

But, as the blogging industry grows, developers are coming up with advanced tools to help automate the process. 

For instance, for a full technical audit of your site, you’ll have to use information-intensive software. 

Unless, of course, you want to do everything manually, which can be pretty time-consuming. 

So, if you want to be on the safer side, get a machine with 8 GB RAM and an i5 processor. 

Screen Size

Screen Size

Ask yourself, do you have any preference when it comes to screen size. 

Maybe a 14-inch laptop screen isn’t big enough for you?

If that’s the case, you want to go for a laptop with a display size of 17 inches, which, in most cases, is more than enough. 

Tablets usually have a smaller screen. The iPad, for instance, has a 9.7-inch display.

The good thing is that since they’re portable, you can take them anywhere with ease. While working on your blog post at a coffee shop, for example.

Which Is The Best Device For Blogging?

Now that you understand better the hardware and software requirements you will need as a blogger then we can talk about how each device can match those and your specific situation.


Blogger Laptop

Laptops are the most commonly used device for blogging, and for good reasons. 

We made a list of the best laptop for bloggers if you want our recommendations but as a quick advice, we can recommend to get a MacBook Air or an Dell XPS 13.

A laptop offers everything you need to work on a blog no matter where you are. 

For instance, it’s lightweight and small, so you can put it in your backpack. 

Plus, because blogging doesn’t require a high-specification device, you don’t have to own an expensive laptop. 

As discussed before, 4 GB RAM and a Core i3 processor are enough for blogging purposes. 

But, probably the biggest plus point of a laptop is its physical keyboard, something you can only find on a traditional desktop. 

A physical keyboard makes content creation a lot more easier and fun, especially when they’re designed for a better typing experience. 

In conclusion, laptops are typically highly portable, versatile, easy to work on, and powerful. And, these are the ingredients of an ideal blogging device.


Blogger Phone

Smartphones are getting smarter by the day. Importantly, you can browse the internet, write and edit your documents, and even post on your blog using your phone. 

But, is it the ideal device for a professional blogger? Not really. 

With a mobile device, you don’t have access to a physical keyboard, which can be a limitation for most writers. 

Unless, of course, you like writing on your mobile phone and have a fairly high typing speed. 

That said, your phone can prove to be pretty handy when you’re in transit and need some work done. 

You can take notes, do topic research, snap pictures, post on your blog on the go and even can replace a good webcam for streaming in quick sessions. Plus, it’s easier to handle while traveling. 

So, if you don’t want to carry your laptop, you can do most of your blogging tasks on your phone. 

But, it’s not an ideal blogging device for the long term. 


Blogger Tablet

A tablet isn’t the ideal blogging device mainly because it doesn’t offer a user-friendly way to type. 

In fact, tablet keyboards are worse than mobile phone keyboards. That’s mainly because on a tablet, you have to use both hands to type. 

But, tablets do have their benefits. For instance, they are typically super lightweight and easier to carry around than laptops. 

Plus, you can easily edit photos and videos with a tablet than with a phone but it is really difficult to take good pictures of yourself with it.

Moreover, tablets are perfect for reading. So, if you want to read some content before writing a blog post, having a tablet will pay off.

If you decide to get a Tablet the best you can get is whatever the latest iPad in the market is.


Blogger Desktop

Of course, who can forget about the good old desktop? In fact, many bloggers prefer a desktop over a laptop because they tend to be much more customizable. 

Plus, they are typically more economical than laptops. 

And, unless a desktop isn’t a decade old, it’ll likely have good enough specifications to cater to your blogging needs.  

But, of course, if you move around a lot and want the flexibility of working anywhere, a desktop isn’t the ideal option for you. 

Final Thoughts

That’s it! This was all about the best device for blogging. By now, you most likely know which one is the best for you. 

Generally, laptops are the most popular among bloggers. They’re easy to carry, powerful enough, and user-friendly. 

But, if portability isn’t an important factor for you, a desktop can also be a great option, especially because you can customize it to your heart’s content. 

Moreover, while your smartphone and tablet can also be useful, you should probably only use them as secondary devices.

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