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YouTube Background Play Without Premium

Have you ever wanted to play a song or a video on YouTube in the background without having to pay for a premium account?

YouTube’s background play is one of their main features of their premium version, you can enjoy listening to YouTube’s audio while navigating around other apps.

This enhances the user experience that YouTube users are enjoying.

What Is YouTube Background Play?

YouTube Background Play is a feature in YouTube Premium which allows the users to listen to the platform’s content even if your screen is turned off.

This is also possible even if you are simultaneously browsing through other websites.

People who like listening to music or podcasts while doing other errands find this feature convenient and helpful.

Can You Listen To YouTube’s Background Play Without A Premium Account?

YouTube’s background play is only available for users with premium accounts. A premium subscription is a paid subscription where users get to enjoy certain features unavailable to a free account.

One of these features include the background play. But, can you still enjoy this feature even if you don’t have a paid subscription? The answer is Yes!

Well, it’s not exactly what you think but we will explain below how you can do it.

Can You Listen To YouTube Background Play Without A Premium Account

YouTube Background Play Without Premium Options

The following are some of the work around things you can try to enjoy YouTube’s audio without having to pay any subscription.

1. Use A Web Browser On Your iPhone

  1. Open your Safari Browser and type in
  2. Click the AA in the left side of the address bar
  3. Scroll and click Request Desktop Website
  4. Select the video that you want to play
  5. Go back to your home screen (the video and audio will automatically stop)
  6. Click the Control Center button and hit play in the ‘Now Playing’ tab

2. Use A Picture In And Picture Out Mode On Your Android

  1. Go to your phone setting and check if your Android phone has a picture in and picture out feature
  2. If it does, open YouTube and click allow picture-in-picture
  3. Go to YouTube app and click General and enable picture-in-picture
  4. You can now select a video in YouTube while browsing through other apps

3. Third Party App

You can research and download third-party apps which enable you to play YouTube music without premium subscription.

If you are going to use third-party apps make sure that it is aligned with YouTube’s terms and conditions.

Background Play Third Party App

4. Download YouTube Music

If you want to enjoy some music in the background while doing other chores. Go to YouTube Music free songs and download the ones that you like. Save it in your folder and enjoy the songs.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of ways to listen to a podcast or your favorite music from YouTube without having to pay,  downloading the music to your phone or even have to use another app.

There is one work around for each scenario that can work for you. No need to worry about your music suddenly stopping when your screen turns off.

Select the best workaround stated above which suits you best and enjoy yourself!

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