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What Is An Influencer Model

Instagram at the beginning was considered just another social media platform to share content in a quick and easy manner. But it has become a great tool with endless opportunities for brands and influencers. 

A new career has been born such as a social media influencer since the rise of Instagram. Becoming a model through Instagram has been easier and more accessible to almost anyone, but what exactly is an Instagram influencer model?

There are a few differences between a regular modeling career and what is an influencer model which we will address in this article.

If you want to become or want to know more about this new “career” option keep on reading and let us help you with that.

What Is An Influencer Model?

As the name suggests, an influencer model is usually an eye-catching person who turns famous thanks to their Instagram posts. 

What Is An Influencer Model

Perhaps it all started with the fashion blogs of the early 2000s run by teenagers who led the way, making a substantial change in the fashion industry, allowing the now social media influencers to have so many spaces today. 

This way of modeling gives a lot of freedom. They do not need to belong to modeling agencies or use any kind of intermediaries. They are usually influencers for a specific audience and have thousands, sometimes even millions of followers. 

The beauty of Instagram is that it allows you to go from zero to the top if you have what it takes.

Likewise, brands today are constantly on the lookout for fresh faces with standout features and striking personalities. Normally, they will look for these faces online, all because of the social influence these models exert. 

Instagram models able to give confidence to their followers, thus causing an increase in sales and also number of potential clients for brands who work with them. This may even seem a bit strange since they are not like the conventional models. 

But believe me, it is possible. For example, some successful influencers earn almost a million dollars per publication for the number of followers they have.

This sounds a bit profitable, right?

How To Become An Instagram Influencer Model?

The beauty standards of a decade ago no longer work nowadays as there are no restrictions that says who can be an Instagram influencer model. 

So now I will tell you some guidelines that will help you to be like those Instagram models or influencers that you admire so much. There are different opportunities and markets in Instagram, it is not necessary for one to be young and glamourous to be able to start a IG modeling career.

For current market trends, marketing specialists are interested in finding models with diverse features with uncommon and striking looks. This means you can be your amazing self, from someone that loves being pretty and fabulous, or loves wearing colorfully painted hair, and has tattoos and piercings.

Because in the end, what matters is not only how you look but your charisma, originality, personality, and a lot of creativity. And of course the followers. 

So let’s go with a few tips which can help you: 

1. Stand Out From The Crowd

First of all, have something that identifies you. Something that makes you stand out from the crowd. This principle is directly related to your personality. Show what you are through images, comments, videos that help you enrich your profile. 

2. Develop Your Unique Style

By developing your style, your followers will feel represented and more motivated when they see your account. Be subtle and don’t make things look exaggerated in terms of visuals and the message you want to convey.

3. Quality Pictures

To have high visual quality picture, you don’t need a professional photographer or to be one. To be an Instagram influencer model, just take care of the details and learn the basic of aesthetics.

4. Post Frequently

You have to post very often. Post several stories a day and more than 5 Instagram posts per week. That way you will get more views and traffic, and subsequently attract more followers.

5. Create Partnerships

Do not do it alone. You can ask Instagram influencers with similar interest for a collaboration. Or considering making alliances with your friends, classmates, co-workers, or family as well. In all cases, creating partnership is a win-win situation for everyone.

6. Get Your Content Re-Shared

Send your photos to accounts that are dedicated to repost photos of models which usually have thousands of followers. 

7. Use All The Instagram Tools

Take advantage of all Instagram features such as Photos, Videos, Filters, Hashtags, Stories, Polls, Questions, Boomerangs, Instagram Live, Instagram TV. Interact with your followers by replying to comments, or conduct a live engagement with them.

So now that you know what an Instagram model is and the benefits of this lucrative career, it’s important to remember what Barbie says, that you can be anything you want to be.

Do you want this? Get going.

Difference Between Instagram Models And Conventional Models

The main difference between Instagram Models And Conventional Models is that conventional models usually work with a Model Agency and Instagram Models become popular by growing their social media influence.

Instagram Influencer Model

It can be said that Instagram has transformed the whole vision of modeling since now anyone can be considered a professional model, although it is not that easy. But it is true that you no longer need to be on the street or have a modeling agency to be discovered as it used to happen with conventional models as with an Instagram account, the model can create a digitized portfolio allowing brand representatives to easily find talent online. 

Another difference between Instagram models is that they look more genuine and authentic compared to conventional modeling which is based on unrealistic and very glamorous standards while offering an elitist image to which today’s audience is not akin. 

To a large extent, conventional models are limited by strict appearance and weight restrictions where they can only work in the fashion and beauty products industry. 

In contrast, Instagram influencer models look very different and can advertise a wide range of products and even services among other things, thus making them more appealing to a wide variety of audiences and resulting in more brands being interested in them.

Final Thoughts

When Systrom and Krieger launched Instagram in 2010, they probably didn’t think in their wildest dreams that the tool they had just created would unseat the social network Facebook. 

Nor that we would all use it as if it were an extension of one of our arms to publish every little thing we do with the world in real-time.

What we considered at the beginning as another social media platform to share content in a quick and easy manner has become a great tool with endless opportunities where brands of many different industries saw in this app an advertising mine to promote themselves and have visibility anywhere in the world.  

Thus giving the start to a new career being “Instagram model” that even despite the good numbers are still taken as a joke because, let’s face it: it is difficult to understand how a couple of selfies can be considered a person as a model but there is more to that as you saw in our article.

We hope it has helped you to understand what is an influencer model and in the case you are looking to become one, good luck!

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