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Can You Use YouTube Audio Library Outside Of YouTube?

It’s true that YouTube is one of the most massive platforms on the Internet now. YouTube is filled with huge libraries of video and audio content. In fact, the YouTube Audio Library was created as a response to the growing population of creators.

The Audio Library serves as a convenient tool for people looking to create their own YouTube videos. While there are endless possibilities for using the YouTube Audio Library, there are still reminders to take note of.

Here’s an explanation of how the YouTube Audio Library works and if it can be used outside of YouTube.

Can You Use YouTube Audio Library Outside Of YouTube?

The answer is no, you can’t use YouTube audio library tracks in the library outside of YouTube. While the audio tracks are copyright-free, they are still under a license that protects said tracks.

There are Terms of Service that need to be complied with in using the Audio Library.

YouTube Audio Library

To summarize the conditions of using the YouTube Audio Library, here are a few of the main rules to follow.

  • The track used should be properly credited in the description of your YouTube video.
  • Full credits should be given to the audio track used, and it cannot be altered in any way.
  • Selling, altering, or claiming the audio track as your own is also not allowed. Doing so can lead to complications in the future. If the audio track really needs to be edited, ask permission from the original artist first.
  • Downloading the track should only be done within YouTube Audio Library. No other tool should be used.

What Is The YouTube Audio Library?

The YouTube Audio Library is — as the name implies — a collection of audio tracks available for use on YouTube. The key advantage of using said audio tracks is that they are royalty-free.

This means that any of the audio content available in the library is free of use to anybody. There is no risk of being demonetized or being hit with a copyright strike when using the audio tracks.

The available audio tracks in the YouTube Audio Library can range from music to sound effects. Let’s look at each category in more detail.


There are thousands of royalty-free music to choose from in the YouTube Audio Library. You can also filter out the available music according to different categories. These include the genre, mood, and even according to the artist behind the music track. The title of the track and its estimated duration can also be found in the Audio Library.

Sound Effects

Sound Effects

The Sound Effects option offers a more specific range of audio tracks you can choose from. If you’re a creator who uses a lot of sound effects in their videos, this provides a free option. From applause sound effects to animal noises, the Sound Effects option more or less has got you covered.


In short, audio tracks in YouTube Audio Library are exclusive to the platform only. If the track needs to be edited or used outside of YouTube, ask permission first from the owner.

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