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How To Sell Presets On Instagram

If you have been on Instagram, then you certainly have heard of the word “preset” being thrown around on your timeline, at least once or more.

What exactly is presets? Presets are basically photo-editing settings that are used to customize and transform photos that fit your aesthetic within a click. 

Brands, influencers, as well as bloggers have used presets to enhance their Instagram pictures; and it’s something that even photographers and graphic designers swear by.  

Thus, it is not surprising to see one or two photographers, graphic designers or bloggers sharing links about presets on their Instagram. They will encourage their followers to purchase these presets, with the promise of transforming any photos they took and in turn elevate their Instagram account. 

If you’ve been thinking of selling presets on Instagram as well but not sure what the process is, keep on reading. In this post, we will be sharing the step-by-step guide on how to sell presets on Instagram.

Without further ado, let’s get started. 

How To Sell Presets On Instagram 

1. Choose A Software To Create Presets

There are plenty of photo editing software and apps in the market that allow you to explore and be creative with the settings; and create your own signature filters.

These include Lightroom, Luminar, VSCO etc., which can easily be found and downloaded to your device.

However, the most widely used editing software is Lightroom, by professionals like photographers, and non-professionals like social media influencers. 

How To Sell Presets On Instagram

Lightroom’s popularity contributed to its being a product of Adobe, the same company that owns Adobe Illustrator; as well as having an Adobe Lightroom app that comes off as self-explanatory. 

This self-explanatory is beneficial for people that don’t have much knowledge about photography. Anyone that sought to edit their photos, or presets can easily learn and understand the technical parts of photography before using the filters. 

As such, it is no surprise that most presets are created from Lightroom. Besides, with Lightroom’s reputation, along with the software/app is being easily download, it doesn’t take long to convince anyone to buy preset packs created from Lightroom

All in all, Lightroom is the option to go in creating presets if you’re looking to embark on the journey of selling presets on Instagram.

2. Create The Presets And Pick The Price

Presets are regarded as shortcuts in enhancing a photo, but this doesn’t mean it needs to be pricey and unaffordable. Mind you, there are many preset packs created by top photographers that are free. 

Also, expensive presets could drive the customers away without them thinking of trying it out. Thus, our advice is that you settle on a considerable amount that works for you and the customers. 

However, this doesn’t mean you need to be cheap to attract customers. Besides, to have a customer willingly pay $50 for a preset pack, they must at least try the preset, either for free or with a minimum charge. 

What you can do is offer some free presets in the preset pack for the customer to have a taste of, then charge the rest of the preset in your pack. 

Alternatively, you can also create a basic preset pack at minimum price, eg. $5. If the customer likes your creation, they can always purchase the exclusive preset pack at a higher price. 

In short, find a balance that works for you and you will be alright.  

3. Learn How To Market Them As A Pack

Marketing 101 says seeing is believing. Give your Instagram followers a look of your presets prior to buying. 

The most recommended marketing method is by having a lookbook. It is a pretty common and popular method used by many business owners to present their products. 

Lookbook is a collection of photographs that showcase the products, which can be used on a website or social media platforms like Instagram. Eg. A clothing brand will create a post containing the lookbook of their clothing line when selling clothes on Instagram. 

As a business that sells presets, you can do it with a real-time side-by-side before and after photo slide of what your preset looks like on different types of pictures.

Try to include different pictures for the lookbook, with different environment settings (e.g. outdoor and indoor, portraits and landscapes). 

How To Sell Presets On Instagram

This will show your presets as something versatile, where they can enhance and fit perfectly for any picture. 

The simplest side-by-side lookbook to create is the carousel slider. You can easily promote and sell the presets pack on an Instagram post that surely helps your preset pack to reach a wider interested audience. 

4. Set Up An Online Shop

The easiest way to complete a transaction is through an online shop. The steps are quite straightforward too. All you need is to create an online store, upload your presets packs, market and start selling.

There are plenty of ways to create an online store, but these are two most popular options. If your goal is to increase visibility to your website, or to be an all-around digital creator, then an online store through ecommerce platforms is the best option. 

For this, we recommend Shopify for your online store. Not only is the setting up process fast and easy, you can also link your Shopify store to shoppable posts. Of course, you can always pick for different platforms such as Etsy, Sellfy etc. if Shopify doesn’t meet your needs or budget. 

Ecommerce platforms are excellent options because they already have a market base for your product. Although this also means more competition, still it can help to grow your visibility in the long term.  

Another option is selling directly through Instagram Shop. Yes, Instagram has an in-house app called Instagram Shop that lets you sell your presets to over 800 million Instagram users within the app.

Instagram Shop helps to scale your business by elevating your sales pitch. Your customers can simply add the presets pack to their cart right there on Instagram and purchase them without leaving Instagram.  

To let the customer have a smooth purchasing experience, use the right call-to-action such as tagging your pictures with your shop. With this, when an Instagram user clicks on your post, it swiftly takes them to your Instagram shop.

Also, add your store link in your Instagram bio with an instant call-to-action sentence such as “Transform your pictures with these presets” that bring the customer to your Instagram shop.

5. Engage With Your Followers

How To Sell Presets On Instagram

Followers engagement is one of the important criteria when selling on Instagram. Generally, it is encouraged to respond to customers’ inquiries before, during, and after sales. 

Keep in mind that not all of your followers will know what presets are. Questions concerning the presets, about how it works, how to install them etc. will be common.

Hence, this is your chance to engage and build trust with them by sharing and explaining your knowledge. 

Some might also face technical difficulty installing the presets on their device. When things like this happen, you can create a post listing out the step-by-step process on how to install your presets. 

This step-by-step post can particularly be useful as you can always refer back to that post when there is someone new who comes along with the same concerns.

6. Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags work! When done right, hashtags can improve your product visibility on Instagram. So don’t be afraid to use them in your post. 

However, as mentioned earlier, you need to use it right. Use only relevant hashtags in your post instead of spamming it with hundreds of nonfunctional hashtags.

For example, for someone that is selling essential oils on Instagram, it make sense for them to include hashtags like #essentialoils, #hairbeauty, or #skincare in their post.

But these hashtags are irrelevant to your product, and can come off as annoying and backfired to whatever goal you have.

Even if you’re thinking of attracting other business owners to buy your presets, it’s still better to stick with hashtags that are related to presets such as #photography, #filters, etc. 


Basically, those are the few things you need to follow to sell presets on Instagram. However, we thought to remind you that continual marketing is what increases your sales at the end of the day. 

Thus, never stop promoting your preset on Instagram at any chance. Utilize Instagram features like story, reels or live to build up the awareness of your presets. 

In addition, be creative with your marketing. Input reviews from previous buyers, create tutorials or even do workshops so as to grow your credibility. 

Last but not least, we wish you the best of luck in presets selling journey!

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