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How To Add Music To An Instagram Story Without A Sticker

What has contributed to the success of Instagram Stories are the original ideas that Instagram has added to the story editor, like adding music to an Instagram story.

This feature is one of everyone favorites among all the wide range of tools that Instagram offers to personalize their story as it allows users to add that special and magical touch to their Instagram Stories.    

The option to add music to stories is available in the sticker tray and it allows you to select a piece of music before publishing your story.

However, there is a little nuisance as the respective sticker is shown in the story whenever a music is added. For many today, the appearance of the sticker is quite annoying because it blocks part of the story and affecting the overall Instagram aesthetic, although you are able to move the sticker or even resize it. 

The good news is that there are multiple methods you can implement to hide the music sticker and they are mentioned throughout the article. But of course not before we show you how to add music to your Instagram stories.

How to add music to your Instagram story?

Aside from the fact that adding sensory elements to your stories makes them more engaging, what’s really fascinating is that the process to do it is extremely simple and does not require you to be tech savvy. 

Add Music To Instagram Story

First and foremost, you will need to upload a story in which you just have to go to your Instagram app. Click on your profile photo on the upper left corner that indicates “Your story”, or click on the “Add” button on your top right, and select “Story”. After that, select your content from your gallery or capture a photo or video.

Once you have selected your story, you need to click on the sticker icon that is displayed at the top of your screen. Search for the “Music” sticker and it will bring you to the next page which is the music gallery. 

Next, you must choose the music you want to add to your story and add a fragment of that song for 5 to 15 seconds. You can select, move or change the size of the music tag that is reflected in your story to your liking. 

Lastly, click done and share your story to your followers or only to those that in green following button (Close Friends).

How to add music to an Instagram story without a sticker?

Up to date, there are 3 easy methods to hide a music sticker added to your Instagram Stories, although some users might have a version that allows them to choose “Music only” when they add music to their story.

If you app does not have this feature, below are the 3 methods that you can use to add music to an Instagram story without a sticker:  

1. Move the music sticker out of your screen

This method allows you to quickly get rid of the music sticker that is in your story. To place the sticker outside the viewing area of the image or video of your story reflected on the screen, you just have to touch the sticker with the tip of one of your fingers, keep it pressed and at the same time move it towards the upper or lower corner of your screen and ready. 

2. Reduce the size of the music sticker

Minimizing the size of the music sticker on your screen until absolutely no one can notice it is one of the ways that many users are inclined to consider it their favorite since they save themselves from having to think where to move the sticker besides that it is incredibly easy. 

Once you select the song to play in your story, you just have to touch the sticker with two fingers and bring the tips of both fingers closer, that is, you must pinch the sticker. 

The steps are similar to the one you do to zoom out an image on your phone and you should do it until the music sticker is small enough and goes unnoticed, otherwise your friends will notice it in your story.

It should be noted that by implementing any of the 2 methods described above, you will effectively be able to hide the music sticker from the screen, but the title of the song and the name of the artist will continue to appear near the upper edge.

3. Screen recording

Through the screen recording method you will not only be able to hide your sticker but also all the information regarding the music such as the title and the name of the artist. 

Additionally, it offers you the advantage of freely choosing the song you want without limiting yourself only to those found in the Instagram soundtrack database since it implies using any video editor you want, therefore, it eliminates the problem of not find your favorite song, and what’s even better is that it can be implemented on both iOS and Android devices. 

The process to follow is as follows:

  • Record the story you want to post on Instagram. If it is a video, make sure you do not exceed the maximum length of an Instagram story, that is, 15 seconds. And of course, be sure to save the final result of your story.
  • Create your piece of music. If you do not have the song file in your phone’s memory, you can search for the song on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music or any other platform where you can find it, activate the screen recording function while that song is playing and finally save the recorded video.
  • Add music to the video and share your story. There are different video editing applications that you can use such as Inshot or VN Editor. In Inshot, you just have to choose the new video function, select what to show in your story, extract audio from recorded video or imported music, drag the video/audio layers to adjust the entire sequence, save and share as a story from Instagram. Similarly, with VN Editor you have to open a new project, add music on the timeline, adjust the music layer to align with the video story, export the project, save it to your camera, and then post it as a story on Instagram.

Final Thoughts

How to Add Music to Instagram Story Without Sticker

Did you know that when people see music on their Instagram story, they are more likely to interact with it? The use of sound in marketing is not new. Brands have been using the power of songs for decades to create an emotional connection between customers and products. 

Nowadays, social media platforms have introduced a whole new way to market through sound. A study done by MRC Data and Flamingo shown 68% of TikTok users remember the brand better with the combination of sound and music in an ads. 

It’s no wonder then why brands are jumping at the opportunity to integrate musical content into video ads–it drives engagement! 

So if you are looking for the same results then adding music to your Instagram stories is a must, and now you have the option to add music to an Instagram story without a sticker.

With Instagram, you even have the option to keep the published story in Instagram Highlights in which will certainly helps in your overall marketing strategy. 


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