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Selling on Instagram with WooCommerce

A few decades ago, social media was not so popular and it was not like that everybody knew about social media platforms.

Over the few decades, there has been a large scale in an increase in the popularity and growth of social media.

People became more familiar with the new platforms and some social media platforms gained more fame than other platforms. 

Social media grew so much that in a quite short period of time, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram became a part of everybody’s everyday life.

Nowadays, a life without media and social networking is impossible to think about.

People are so engrossed in social platforms that everything is becoming online because people tend to spend more time online using their mobiles or laptops than to go out and explore.

Due to an increase in social media platforms, physical advertisement is nowhere to be seen.

With an increasing demand for social sites, more and more companies are directing their minds to online advertisements and online businesses.

Shopping in malls, going to restaurants to eat with family and many more outdoor activities have been replacing by these online businesses.

You can just sit at home and shop online from different shopping sites or order a variety of food items from different restaurants just by visiting their websites.

If you don’t have a WooCommerce store don’t worry, there are other options for setting up you oline store and make your Instagram Marketplace, so make sure you check out our man post on it or the individual posts like selling with Wix or selling with Etsy

What is WooCommerce?


There are many sites that provide smart interface online markets for people to shop online.

One of these websites is WooCommerce which provides online buyers and sellers with great opportunities for showcasing their products.

 This website is an e-commerce plugin of WordPress just like Amazon which itself is considered a top-notch online market. 

Now people can sell on Instagram using e-commerce.  WooCommerce has provided people with the opportunity to advertise and sell their products on Instagram.

This a great opportunity as WooCommerce provides a safe marketing channel for buyers and sellers.

There are many features that make WooCommerce efficient, these features include live order tracking; you can see when and where your parcel is, updated statuses of your delivery, tax settings, and discounts; by the way, there are many times when WooCommerce has great sales on every Instagram item, inventory management, and systematic markets.

These features and many play an essential role in making WooCommerce one of the best.

The features which WooCommerce possesses are everything that you should find in an elite e-commerce store.

Why use WooCommerce Instagram?

With an increase in demand for online shopping markets, people can now sell on Instagram using WooCommerce.

Nowadays Instagram is the most used social media platform. People just love uploading pictures, whether it be of themselves or of anything that they find pleasing to the eye.

Seeing the vast amount of people who use Instagram, selling can showcase their products.


A big following makes Instagram a powerful social media platform for selling items.

Compared to other marketing sites, WooCommerce increases the exposure of one’s online store on Instagram.

If more exposure is giving to a particular store then there are more chances of its items being sold.

By WooCommerce, you can create your own online store with individual catalogs of different products, furthermore, new features of shopping online on Instagram are the shoppable post and stories.

This a very efficient way to advertise your product.

You can create a post about a particular product on your store then add a link which when clicked will redirect the viewer to your store’s online website the same goes for Instagram stories where a website site can be now added.

Refined products hashtags are also used to allow people to tag the images of themselves with the specific product.

All this very easy to use set up, you only have to download WooCommerce and all these new and exciting features will be at your fingertips.

Advantages Of WooCommerce:

Advantages Of WooCommerce

The many advantages of this e-commerce plugin have encouraged people to sell on Instagram using WooCommerce.

Before WooCommerce, selling and buying products on Instagram was not so easy and many marketing personnel did not opt for Instagram as their first option when it came to selling their store’s products.

But after WooCommerce, Instagram became a social media platform that was declared the most successful social media platform for buying and selling products.

It feels like Instagram and e-commerce stores are a perfect match made in the heavens. Some advantages are mentioned below. 

Sell Organically:

Sometimes it is not suitable to add price tags to your crafty and eye-catching product images.

Selling on Instagram using WooCommerce allows you to create a subtle and beautiful storefront where all your products’ images and details can be found.

Your store page will be safe from price tags which might be unpleasant for buyers.

The white shopping bag sign on the top corners of a post indicates that the product in this post is shoppable.

Highlight Product Details:

Highlight Product Details

The posts of an online store on Instagram provide people the visuals of their desired products.

Your store’s Instagram feed contains all the desired products alongside their pictures.

When a consumer taps a post, the elaborated details and the price of the specific product will pop up. This makes it easy for the consumer to evaluate. 

Easy Path To Purchase:

Unlike other online stores, the stores’ setup on Instagram is more efficient when it comes to advertisement.

With one click a consumer is directly taken to the store’s official website.

The Instagram posts and stories of a store contain links and when these links have clicked the website of the store is shown from where the people can easily buy their desired item.



When it comes to online buying and selling there is a possible chance of getting scammed.

Thus WooCommerce works with security providers like Sucuri.Net.

 These security experts ensure that the customers get a safe marketing channel.

 The updating system is very quick and implementation of these security updates is very easy which can happen with just one click.

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Here’s everything you need to know to sell on Instagram with Woocommerce.

We hope that the information we have provided you here would be of great viable help to you!

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