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How to Be A Public Figure On Instagram

Do you know that there are ways to get the “Public Figure” status on Instagram without going through any verification method? 

This means you can be a public figure on the platform through some simple changes in your account setting.

Yes, it is as simple as that.

In this article, we will show to you the steps on how to be a public figure on Instagram when:

  • You have a personal account.
  • Your account is a professional creator account.

Let’s get started. 

What Is A Public Figure On Instagram

For all of the social media platforms around, including Instagram, the verification steps is what helps the users to differentiate a public figure from a fan account. 

In addition, having the “Public Figure” status also makes it easier for businesses and brands to recognize your influencer status. This then increases your chances of being approached for a collaboration or an Instagram brand ambassador deal.  

Before we proceed with the details, it’s important to note that you won’t have the Instagram verified badge (blue-tick) next to your name from this method.

It is a little controversial as you didn’t go through any formal verification in obtaining the “Public Figure” status. Also, it might not look reliable compared to users that have the verified “blue-tick”.

Even so, this is still a good way to announce to the world that you are a public figure despite not having Instagram on board. Besides that, this method is safe to use and there is no risk of getting your Instagram account deleted

How To Become A Public Figure On Instagram (with personal account)

Step 1: Open your Instagram app, go to your profile and click on the hamburger icon at the top right corner of your profile. 

Step 2: Click on “Settings”.

How To Become A Public Figure For Personal Account

Step 3: Under the “Settings” tab, you’ll see the “Account” option. Click it

How To Become A Public Figure On Instagram - Personal Account


Step 4: Now, scroll all the way down till the bottom and select “Switch to professional account”. 

Switch To Professional Account

Step 5: You’ll see multiple options including “Public figure” inside. If you don’t see this option, search and then select it.

How To Become A Public Figure On Instagram

Once you have completed the steps, you will now see the word “Public Figure” on your Instagram profile. Pretty easy right?

Public Figure From Professional Creator Account

But, what if you already have a professional creator account? Well, the steps of conversion are easy too. Let’s see how to convert a professional creator account to “Public Figure”.

Step 1: First, you need to repeat the steps from step 1 to 4 from above. 

Step 2: Next, scroll till the bottom and you’ll see two options. Choose “Switch to business account”.  

Public Figure From Professional Creator Account - Switch To Business Account

Step 3: A pop-up message from Instagram will then appear to confirm your action. Select “Switch” as confirmation.

Confirmation Pop- Up Message

Step 4: Next, go to your profile and select “Edit profile”. Click to the “Category” option.

Edit Profile & Category

Step 5: Under this tab, search for “Public figure” and select it. 

Public Figure From Professional Creator Account - Public Figure

Now, you have successfully converted your Instagram professional account to a public figure account. 

As mentioned earlier, even though you now appear as a public figure on Instagram, the “blue-tick” won’t appear on your profile.

To get the “blue-tick”, it is necessary for you to go through the verification process with Instagram. 

Final Thoughts

As a social media influencer, appearing as a public figure is advisable. Not only it helps to differentiate yourself with others, but also increases your business opportunity. 

Frankly speaking, it is not compulsory to have the Instagram verified badges to be a public figure. Luckily, you can become a public figure without any verification process, and this applies to both personal accounts and professional accounts. 

All you need is to make some tweaks in the account setting and the status will display on your profile. Just follow the steps in this article to get the “Public Figure” status on your profile.

However, if you insist on having the blue verification tick, then you need to go through the verification process by Instagram to get it. 

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