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How Much Can You Make Selling Feet Pics

Influencers and content creators come in many types and shapes, a popular one at the moment is those who create foot content, so it’s not uncommon for people to wonder, how much money can you make selling feet pics?

The Internet makes it possible for people to earn a living. Whether it’s distributing products, providing services, or selling feet pics, you would be surprised how big that market is and how hot they are selling.

If you are interested in knowing how much money you can make selling pictures of your feet, continue reading our article. 

How Much Can One Make From Selling Feet Pics?

As any content creator selling services or products online, their income varies depending on the number of followers they have and how much they charge, but you can find people making up to $70,000 a year selling feet pics.

The easiest way to make more money from selling feet pics is to promote your content on social media, get thousands of followers and sign up on a buying and selling feet pics platform like FeetFinder to do the final transaction.

FeetFinder is the best and easiest place to sell feet pics. Content creators can find more customers there and buyers more creators.

Make Money From Selling Feet Pics

Selling feet pics is surprisingly a hot item on the Internet. Not being one to judge people’s preferences, but feet pics tend to catch people off guard. Initially, the feet pics market can strike off as being unique or weird to some. However, there’s a steady market for this line of work.

The truth is — there’s no clear-cut figure on how much you can make from selling feet pics online. Earning from feet pics generally depends on which platforms one sells pics on and how big your market is.

How To Make More Money Selling Feet Pics

As mentioned before, in order to make more money, a content creator needs more followers.

Successful ‘foot models’ who earn thousands of dollars usually have thousands of followers on their social media platforms too.

The amount of income you can generate from selling feet pics depends on the demand you have. However, other factors can determine the success of your foot pic-selling career.

Demand for your feet pics starts when the pictures you upload are worth looking at. Quality is an important detail when entering the market. And by quality, this covers all aspects of the creative process.

The quality of the image resolution should be crisp. The feet pictures must be shot well and aesthetically pleasing. And you have to make sure to keep your feet groomed and healthy.

While there are tips to ensure your pictures look sellable, popularity is still the name of the game. As your business grows and the more people your feet pictures reach, the higher you can price it.

Pricing Your Feet Pictures

Speaking of prices, there is no fixed rate when it comes to selling feet pics. As mentioned previously, it all boils down to quality and demand. However, if you’re looking for a general average — pictures cost around $15 to $25 each.

Pricing Your Feet Pictures

However, similar to the pictures themselves, prices can actually range anywhere. Whether it’s a single dollar or a hundred bucks per photo, how you rate your pictures depends on you. But a word of advice for starters is to first price your pictures lower.

While this may sound counter-productive, it’s a good way to study the market. As more people start to avail your feet pics, the higher you can set your rates in the future.

Who Buys Feet Pics?

With so much money going around this industry, you might be asking who actually buys feet pictures. Surprisingly enough, the answer is not what you were expecting. The feet pic market is filled with buyers of all shapes and sizes.

Obviously, the first ones on the list of buyers of feet pics are people with foot fetishes. Let’s face it, people have different things that turn them on. And apparently, one of these fetishes or sexual desires is feet.

Numerous studies have also validated the sexual attraction to feet, that is why men love feet pics. With that being said, it doesn’t come off as a surprise to see these people as the top buyers. However, this is the obvious side of things.

Who Buys Feet Pics

Other buyers interested in feet pics range from modeling agencies to retail and jewelry companies. Model agencies are always on the lookout for talent that has good-looking feet. And this is more or less concerned with business purposes.

Products such as shoes and socks will look for models to show off their items on billboards. Jewelry companies that make toe rings and anklets are also interested in foot models and pictures.

Furthermore, even the medical field has a use for foot pics. Podiatrists or medical professionals specializing in foot health also use foot models for their websites.

Online Security

The unfortunate truth is that the Internet is filled with scammers and other types that have ill intentions. Remaining anonymous while selling feet pics will keep you safe from hackers and other dangerous activities.

There are many pros and cons to selling feet pics, but if you are smart about it, you can have great success.

Use a fake name if possible, and avoid using personal details such as your email address and phone number. If possible, create new accounts where buyers can reach you online.

Online Security

The focus of feet pics is — of course, feet. Use this as an opportunity to keep your online identity as lowkey as possible. And, of course, depending on the type of pictures you want to sell, avoid showing your face often.

Watermark your pictures so they aren’t stolen by others who want to make a quick buck. Also, as much as possible, sell your feet pictures at the regular rate. 

Whether they pay less or even more than you charge, keep it at your regular price. Buyers who tend to underpay or overpay are most likely a scam.

Final Thoughts

The feet pic market is growing day by day, and how much you can make selling feet pics online depends totally on you.

As with any business, the better quality product you have, the better it is marketed, and the more demand it has, the more companies can charge. It is not different with feet pics.

So, if you are interested in starting your own career selling feet pics, consider this and keep in mind that only some people are making millions of dollars just by posting one picture of their feet. As with any other job, you need hard work and dedication to succeed.

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