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How To Get Around An Instagram IP Ban

With so many users, Instagram has implemented quite strict terms of service that many users can unknowingly violate, resulting in a range of consequences.

These consequences include straight up permanent bans, shadow bans and IP bans.

Such bans can be avoided but sometimes it’s too late to prevent them, in such cases we have a few solutions for you.

Find more about it below.

How To Get Around An Instagram Ip Ban

Probably the most effective way to get around an Instagram IP ban is to use a secure VPN, which will assign you a new IP address automatically and Instagram will recognize you as a new user.

If you do want to try a VPN we recommend NordVPN. You can get a NordVPN deal here. This VPN works on iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows and pretty much anywhere.

It is one of the best VPN for Instagram all around.

Phone VPN

An alternative to a VPN would be a proxy server, which would offer the same solution.

But, the first port of call after you have received an Instagram IP ban is to contact their customer service.

You will be able to outline your issue and receive a relevant response, although bear in mind this process can be quite slow.

Considering most IP bans do not last all that long, this is probably not the most efficient method of getting around the Instagram IP ban.

So again, a VPN is your quickest way around an IP ban.

Another option available to you is to change your IP address entirely.

This is not a straightforward process for those that are less tech savvy since you will most likely need to contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and pay them to set you up with a new identifier.

What Is An Ip Ban?

An IP ban on Instagram is an action carried out by the social media platform that prohibits your access to the app by blacklisting your IP address.

Your IP or Internet Protocol address is your unique string of characters that identifies your device on a network, including the wider internet.

If you have received an IP ban, you will not be able to access Instagram via the app or through a web browser, since the platform will recognize this unique identifier.

You will most likely be blocked for a 24 to 48 hour period although some IP bans have been known to extend up to two weeks.

Why Do Instagram Issue Ip Bans?

There are many ways to violate Instagram’s terms of service. One such way is if you have been liking too many posts or following too many accounts in quick succession.

This is flagged as suspicious within Instagram’s algorithm and you will likely receive a temporary block for this offense. The platform has also gotten pretty good at recognizing the use of bots and automation, which could result in a permanent ban.

ip address banned

As well as these suspicious behaviors, you can receive a ban if you are reported by enough users for legitimate reasons, post inappropriate content or using too many accounts via the same IP address.

How To Avoid An Instagram Ip Ban In Future

Put simply, you must abide by Instagram’s terms of service which means that you should not post any inappropriate content, avoid copyright infringements, avoid spam and limit the number of accounts you are using from one IP address.

If you are running a business where you need to be operating multiple Instagram accounts, investing in a VPN will be very beneficial in the long run.


With billions of daily active users, Instagram must operate a rigorous security system including robust terms of service and harsh bans.

The best approach to Instagram IP bans will always be prevention, by abiding by the strict terms of service laid out by the platform.

This can be difficult at time, particularly for those who need to maintain multiple accounts from the same IP address and in this instance, a VPN or proxy server will be the optimal solution. 

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