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How To Fix “Disabled Accounts Can’t Be Contacted” On Instagram

Instagram enables its users to disable their accounts temporarily. You can do this if you wish to take a break from social media.

On the other hand, when you reactivate your account, you might encounter a “Disabled accounts can’t be contacted” error. And this can be frustrating on your part.

Don’t worry, in this article will try to help you solve this issue. Also, you can discover possible reasons behind this issue.

Common Ways To Fix “Disabled Accounts Can’t Be Contacted’ On Instagram

1. Restrict And Unrestrict The Instagram Account

Restricting the Account:

  1. On your Instagram account, go to the messages section.
  2. Open the chat of the user you encounter this issue with.
  3. Tap the username of that person at the top.
  4. After scrolling down, select Restrict.

Unrestricting the Account:

  1. On your Instagram account, go to the messages section.
  2. In the search bar above, search for the user’s name.
  3. Tap on the user’s name at the top.
  4. Finally, select Unrestrict.

2. Unfollow The Instagram Account And Follow Again

  1. On the Instagram app, visit the user’s profile.
  2. Select the Following option and tap Unfollow.
  3. Follow the user again to determine whether or not the issue is resolved.

Block The Instagram Account And Unblock

3. Block The Instagram Account And Unblock

  1. On the Instagram app, visit the user’s profile.
  2. At the top right corner, tap on the three dots.
  3. Select theBlock option.
  4. Unblock the user again.

4. Wait For 1-2 Days

  1. Wait for one or two days, allowing the platform to restore the change after the account reactivation.
  2. If the error persists after two days, the Instagram account cannot be contacted, as it is temporarily deactivated. And this requires to be reactivated.

Understanding The “Disabled Accounts Can’t Be Contacted” Error

The message appears when you attempt to engage with or send a message with a disabled account.

Seeing this message also indicates that the account you’re trying to interact with has been deactivated or disabled by Instagram due to terms of service or community guidelines violations. This restriction prevents a user from engaging or directly communicating with a disabled account until it is reinstated.

What Are The Common Causes Of Disabled Accounts On Instagram?

There are different reasons why an Instagram account is disabled besides personally disabling or deactivating it, including:

Security Concerns

If Instagram detects an unauthorized or suspicious account activity, it may temporarily disable the account to protect its users.

Multiple Reports

The account may have received numerous reports from other users. This prompts the platform to disable it for review.

Breach of Terms of Service

The account might have violated Instagram’s terms of service, like buying followers, using automation tools, or engaging in fraudulent activities.

Violation of Community Guidelines

Violation of Community Guidelines

The account may have engaged in activities against the platform’s community guidelines. These actions include posting inappropriate content, spam, or promoting hate speech.


Encountering the “Disabled accounts can’t be contacted” message can frustrate Instagram users. But with the steps above, you can take the necessary actions to address the issue.

And don’t forget to respect Instagram’s policies, submit an appeal if applicable, and patiently await Instagram’s response as they review your case.

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