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Do YouTubers Have Managers?

YouTube is one of the biggest social media platforms on the Internet to date, attracting millions of viewers daily. If someone wants to be Internet famous, going big on YouTube as a content creator is one option.

In addition, with just enough time, a YouTube channel can even be a stable source of income.

However, it can be hard for any YouTubers getting to the top with any form of help. Even if they manage to make it to the top using their own strength, more complicated matters will come after.

So, who are these people? Do YouTubers have managers? Well, let’s find out.

Do YouTubers Have Managers?

Content creators who try out their luck on YouTube are otherwise known as ‘YouTubers’. They will create a YouTube channel and upload video content onto their channel. Overtime, with more subscribers, the channel can generate income.

However, to successfully make YouTuber as a career, and getting to the point of making a living out of producing content through the platform, one needs proper management. And that’s where YouTube managers come in.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that one can’t do everything through their own strength. Still, having assistance will certainly ease up the struggle.

Types of Managers

Before getting into anything, it’s important to explain the type of managers YouTubers will have as well as what these managers actually work on. There are different managerial types, from ensuring everything is set up to being in charge of budgeting.

Show Manager

The Show Manager’s role is basically to take charge of making things possible behind the scenes. As a YouTube channel grows, content becomes bigger production-wise.

A Show Manager’s responsibilities include arranging the accommodations of guests for a video and securing permits and clearances. If a YouTuber was to go to further areas for content, the Show Manager takes care of travel arrangements.

Do YouTubers Have Managers?

Usually, a Show Manager is hired by YouTubers who produce large-scale videos. Take for example this video by the YouTuber Preston which was shot in an actual stadium.

Obviously, the arrangements necessary to make such a video possible can’t be handled by one person alone. Having a Show Manager take over for these videos would make things more organized.

Talent Manager

As implied, a Talent Manager’s role mainly revolves around taking care of the YouTuber, or in this case, the talent. A Talent Manager is one of the more unique roles in terms of being a YouTube manager. The biggest reason is that a Talent Manager’s work is not entirely YouTube-related.

On the contrary, a Talent Manager pays more attention to the YouTuber himself/herself. A Talent Manager takes care of their client’s portfolio, partnerships, and deals.

A Talent Manager is commonly hired by YouTubers who attract partners outside of YouTube. Since these types of content creators have a bankable ‘talent’, bigger names outside of the platform reach out.

Talent Managers are then in charge of filtering out the good offers from the less appealing ones. Maintaining the image and reputation of the YouTuber is a Talent Manager’s priority.

Content Network Manager

Content Network Managers are people who work with YouTubers who are part of a content network. A content network is a group of creators that operate under a similar brand.

An example of this is Maker Studios which was acquired by The Walt Disney Company for $500 million. Maker Studios — which was eventually rebranded as the Disney Digital Network — had big partners such as the famous PewDiePie.

Do YouTubers Have Managers?

As expected, content networks such as Maker Studios have rules and policies. Content Network Managers are in charge of making sure that YouTubers comply with said policies.

The Content Network Manager acts as the middle person between the YouTuber and the network. This type of manager ensures that the YouTuber they are partnered with is on good terms with the network.

Money Manager

A Money Manager’s responsibility is to take care of the overall finances of a YouTuber. Money Managers budget the available funds of a YouTuber for various purposes. Whether it’s the YouTuber’s personal account or money set aside for content production, Money Managers are in control.

A Money Manager also acts as an advisor to a YouTuber when it comes to expenses and investments. They provide guidance in terms of where to spend money and where not to. Additionally, Money Managers also counsel YouTubers on good investments they can place their hard-earned money.

Sometimes, the Money Managers themselves do the work of investing and allocating the finances. However, Money Managers are usually needed for YouTube channels with a huge following and generate a lot of revenue.

Business Manager

A Business Manager is one of the most important managerial roles that YouTubers consider in their career. As a YouTube channel continues to grow, running it becomes more structured and organized. How YouTubers Have Managers?

Content is produced with higher quality, and videos are more well thought out. With all of these considerations to take note of, more often than not, a Business Manager is needed.

YouTubers who make it big and are earning a steady stream of income are technically running a business. As more people are involved in a YouTuber’s video-making process, the arrangements to take note of also go up.

Business Managers take the stress of securing licenses and avoiding other legal obstacles away from the YouTuber. In turn, the YouTuber can freely come up with creative ideas without worrying about how to make them happen.

General Manager

A General Manager is the kind of manager who covers all the bases when it comes to running the YouTube channel. From contacting guests, creating partnerships, and even running the channel itself, a General Manager is an all-around worker.

Whether it’s doing admin work or tasks such as spreading the word about the YouTuber, a General Manager is versatile. The job description of a General Manager is broad in itself, but it is also flexible.

Is A YouTube Manager Necessary?

Now that the managerial types are covered, the question to be asked is: do all YouTubers need a manager? Well, the answer is — it depends.

YouTubers have to measure their performance regularly in order to decide if a manager is necessary. Managers help when a channel is already growing in subscribers and fresh content needs to be uploaded consistently.

YouTubers who prefer large-scale productions and more complex arrangements for their content would most likely need a manager. Handling the business side of a YouTube channel is not as easy as it sounds.

However, it is up to the YouTuber if a manager would help. At the end of the day, the most important things to monitor would be finances and the business side.

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