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How To Share Threads Posts On Instagram Stories

Threads is one of the hottest social media platforms to date. Developed by Meta, Threads is the latest addition to the most prominent social media apps to come out recently.

Primarily relying on user content, Threads thrives on social networking.

Well, this is expected, since the creators of Facebook and Instagram are also behind the development of Threads. In fact, Threads is closely linked to Instagram. With that in mind, cross-sharing between Threads and Instagram is a common question.

One option is sharing Threads and posts on Instagram stories. Here’s more information on whether it’s possible or not.

Can You Share Threads Posts On Instagram Stories?

The simple answer is, yes, Threads Posts can be shared on Instagram Stories. Thanks to the close connection between Instagram and Threads, cross-posting is convenient and accessible. In fact, in order to create a Threads account, users need to link an Instagram account to log in.

With the click of a few buttons, Threads Posts can easily be shared to one’s Instagram Stories. However, similar to its rival platform Twitter, Threads has also introduced a character limit to the app.

Can You Share Threads Posts On Instagram Stories

As mentioned previously, sharing Threads Posts over to Instagram via Stories is simple. While the platform’s content process is straightforward, plenty of options are made available to users.

One of which is the ability to share Threads Posts to your Instagram account. Below there’s a breakdown of the step-by-step process.

How To Share Threads Posts On Instagram Stories?

1. Download Threads And Link Your Instagram Account

Head over to your phone’s app marketplace, Google Play (for Android) or App Store (for iOS). Look up ‘Threads’ and download it to your phone. Afterward, a prompt on the Threads app will ask you to log in via your Instagram account.

2. Post A Thread

After logging on to Threads, create a new post via the ‘New Thread’ icon located at the bottom. Take note of the 500-character limit that Threads has when making your Thread.

3. Share Your Thread

After your Thread has been published, select the post and tap the ‘Share’ icon displayed. With the different options presented, choose the ‘Add to Story’ button.

4. Edit Your Instagram Story

After deciding to add your Threads post to your Instagram story, it will redirect you to the Instagram app. On the interface, feel free to edit your Story as you please.

5. Share Your Story

Share Your Story

When you’re all good with the Instagram Story, upload it to your Instagram account. Feel free to repeat the process again for other Threads that you want to share on your Instagram account.

What Is A Threads Post?

Users who use Threads can make posts of up to 500 characters. Besides text, users can also attach links, photos, and videos. With around 120 million users signed up on Threads, there’s no shortage of content on the app.

And since this user base is connected with Instagram, content sharing between the two platforms is limitless. The popularity of Threads also helps in launching the app to even greater heights. And for users looking to join the hype, Meta has made it convenient to integrate Threads with Instagram Stories.


Sharing Threads Posts on Instagram Stories is a fairly easy process. Thanks to the integration between the two platforms, sharing content has never been more simple. Features like this give you many possibilities in terms of creativity and freedom to share as many Threads as you want.

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