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How To Get More Views On YouTube

Every YouTuber knows that owning a YouTube channel and making money from it are two different things. The former is easy and the latter is the tricky part.

To earn money from YouTube, you must have enough views. And many YouTubers need help with getting enough views and attraction to their channel. So if you are on this boat, this article is here to show you how to get many views on your YouTube channel.

10 Ways To Get More Views On YouTube

1. Improve Your YouTube SEO Skills

Improving your YouTube SEO skills will undoubtedly do amazing things for your YouTube channel like improving your views and watch time and giving you more subscribers.

Improve Your YouTube SEO Skills

Here are some things you need to do to improve your YouTube SEO skills.

You have to do in-depth keyword research. This is crucial because the right set of keywords will get you seen. But the issue is most keywords are very competitive, so you have to find keywords that rank high but are less competitive.

When you’ve gotten your keywords, include them in your video title and file as these will also help increase your search volume and traffic when people search for those words.

Next, you must optimize your YouTube video description. Your video description should be 200 words or less, and the first few sentences in those words must contain your keywords. You can also add YouTube hashtags to your video to increase the search volume.

This way when viewers search for a specific hashtag, they’ll find your video.

2. Add Timestamps To Your Videos

A YouTube timestamp is a way of linking to a specific moment in your video. A timestamp is very useful because it takes your viewers directly to the piece of information they’re searching for. This way you captivate their interest and keep it, inadvertently increasing your views.

Timestamps are also an SEO hack. YouTube logs it as two views when a user clicks on your timestamp. One for the original click and the other for the timestamp. This seemingly random act will boost your video and help it rank higher in search results.

To add a timestamp to your YouTube video, you can add the timestamp code to the end of your YouTube video URL for a specific video time.

If your video’s URL already has a question mark, use &t= to indicate the timestamp. But if it doesn’t, you need to add the question mark in and use ?t= to indicate the timestamp.

3. Make Better Thumbnails

Make Better Thumbnails

Your video thumbnails are one major way to grab your audience’s attention and get them to click on your video. The good thing is even if you don’t get your thumbnail right the first time, you can always try again and it’ll still improve your video’s SEO.

To make better thumbnails, there are three things to do – take a good thumbnail picture, say what the video incorporates and consistency.

Taking a good thumbnail picture is an excellent way to get your audience interested. Refrain from snagging a screenshot from the video and using it in your thumbnail. Most times these pictures need to look better and grab the audience’s attention.

So invest in a great photo of yourself or the item the video is focused on.

Saying what the video incorporates is very important. This is because your viewers will only click on a video if they know what it’s about. So let your thumbnail speak for your video. If you can’t add a picture of what the video is about, then add a few texts to communicate the message.

And finally, consistency. Consistency gets you familiarity and familiarity gets you more views. Using the same font, colors and even similar images for your thumbnails will get your viewers accustomed to your page.

People are more likely to click on something that looks familiar like a recurring thumbnail. This kind of branding will help you grow your audience and get more views.

4. Optimize Your Video Titles

Your video title helps your potential viewer identify with your video, and decide whether it’s what they’re looking for. To optimize your video titles, here are some things you should do: include important keywords, keep your title to 90 to 100 characters, include your brand name in the title and add hashtags.

Now, you don’t have to do all of these but if you can your views will undoubtedly increase.

5. Ask Viewers To Subscribe

Ask Viewers To Subscribe

This is what we can call a CTA(call to action). Although some YouTubers may disagree, adding a call to action serves as a reminder to your audience.

As long as you’re serving them amazing content, asking them to subscribe will just be the final push they need.

6. Respond To The Comments You Get

Responding to comments on your YouTube video is a great way to showcase your knowledge and expertise in your niche. When your viewers see how knowledgeable you are and very open to sharing that knowledge, they will return, because you have piqued their interest.

This interest will eventually give way to trust, as always responding to them gives them an aura of appreciation. And this is how you build a community. Responding to comments is also good for your YouTube’s SEO because Google and YouTube will see your video as very important if there are numerous comments. So it’ll think this video is quite important and rank it higher.

7. Create Series Not Single Videos

Create Series Not Single Videos

The main reason you create videos in the first place is to what? Attract viewers, obviously. So, if one video can attract viewers why not a series that not only attracts viewers but keeps them coming back for more.

Creating a series of videos on a particular topic will also help improve your SEO and visibility. It will show Google that you’re quite versed on that subject.

8. Share It On Your Socials

Promoting your YouTube channel on your social media platforms is a great way to spread the word. You can share it on your WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok. This will help you get more eyes on your channel and more eyes means more viewers.

Each time you upload a new video, share it on other social media platforms and encourage people to watch it.

If you have a website and an email list, pay attention to them. These are also great channels for promoting your YouTube channel.

9. Add Detailed Description

A detailed description will certainly improve your SEO and tell your audience all they need to know about your channel. This is why it is key to implement a few important tips to help your description be as detailed as necessary. And here are some of those tips – be specific about the keywords you use, use frequently searched keywords, know where and how to use your keywords, don’t clickbait your audience, and add a CTA.

Now these are just some of the necessary tips to apply when writing your description. The main focus here should be how to carry out good keyword research. Once you do this, the next step is to place them strategically.

Your major keywords must appear at least once in the first three sentences of your description. And you must repeat each keyword two to three times.

10. Partner With Other YouTubers

Partner With Other YouTubers

Partnering with other YouTubers in a similar niche is a great way to get more viewers by tapping into their audience. This usually involves you inviting another creator and creating a video/content with them. When you upload this video, you give them a shout-out, by linking to their channel and mentioning their name.

Next, they create a video with you and also do likewise. This introduces their audience to your channel, giving you more viewers and subscribers.

But you have to be careful about the kind of creators you collaborate with. It’s important you don’t see them as a competitor but as a person you can grow with. Pick a creator you believe (after much research about them) will be a great person to collaborate with. You can even make a list of interesting creators.

Then you reach out to them. Most YouTubers have their business info on their channel. Reach out to them and tell them your interest in collaborating with them and add some information about yourself. Although some may still need to respond, this only helps you narrow your list.

Final Thoughts

Getting enough views on your YouTube channel is a reward for putting in the work– sharing on your socials, creating a series, improving your SEO skills, adding a timestamp, keyword research etc.

Being a YouTuber is a challenging job, but with the right steps, you can make the most out of your channel and have fun while doing it.

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