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Do YouTubers Get Paid If You Skip Ads?

Online advertisements or ‘ads’ are one of the biggest marketing techniques to pop up lately. One of the biggest social media sites to incorporate ads into their operations is YouTube.

Content creators or ‘YouTubers’ are able to earn money if they allow ads to be shown on their clips. There are different YouTube ad formats — one of the most common types is the skippable video ad.

Played before or during a clip, these video ads can usually be skipped after five seconds. The question is — do YouTubers still get paid if you skip these ads from their videos?

Do YouTubers Get Paid If You Skip Ads?

The simple answer is no, YouTubers do not get paid when you skip the ads from their videos. However, there are a lot more strategies in place to make sure that the ad system works.

When viewers skip a video ad before the 5-second mark is up, advertisers are not charged for the video ad. Since the advertisers do not have to pay for a skipped ad, YouTubers are not paid as well.

Do YouTubers Get Paid If You Skip Ads?

However, another option presented to YouTubers is the non-skippable video ad feature. This feature makes sure that the platform earns from advertisers and YouTubers also receive their commission.

For around six seconds long, these video ads cannot be skipped by viewers. Also known as bumper ads, it is a guarantee that one way or another, content creators earn ad revenue.

How Do YouTubers Get Paid

Generally speaking, when viewers skip ads from a video, it does not affect the YouTuber negatively. However, the more ads are skipped from videos, the less income that a YouTuber earns.

Furthermore, if a particular video ad is skipped frequently, the less that it is shown to viewers. And when a company has a streak of skipped ads, rates are higher and the reach is far lower.

For YouTubers to earn revenue from ads inserted into their videos, there are different options. One of the ways that can help YouTubers make money is when a viewer watches the entire video ad.

Do YouTubers Get Paid If You Skip Ads?

Alternatively, YouTubers are also paid when viewers click the ad or watch for at least 30 seconds. When viewers not only watch ads but also interact with them, the pay is also relatively higher per click.

How Does Skipping Ads Affect a Youtuber?

When a YouTube channel is big enough, sometimes skipping ads does not have that much of an impact. Bigger YouTubers can earn more out of sponsorships or other income sources such as referrals and affiliate links.

However, for up and coming content creators that are looking to make YouTuber as a career, skipping video ads reduces the potential income that could have been earned.

Understandably, video ads can be annoying, but when you want to support a creator, watching a video ad helps.


Do YouTubers Get Paid If You Skip Ads?

With the platform being as big as it is, more YouTubers are trying out their luck on the website. While the number of advertisers has also grown, the competition for quality content is still high.

At the end of the day, making entertaining videos is what keeps viewers glued despite the presence of ads. The better the content, the more likely it is for viewers to stick around.

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