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How To Find Unlisted YouTube Videos

When creators publish videos to the wildly popular YouTube platform, they are met with a variety of options. One of these options is to make videos ‘unlisted’, which essentially means that they won’t be shown on the creator’s channel.

Not only this, since unlisted videos will not show up in search results for users on the website or the app. If users have a direct link to the video however, they will still be able to see the video.

Creators can also choose to make previously published videos unlisted, so a video you once navigated to via the search function of YouTube will no longer be accessible in this way.

While it can be difficult to find this kind of content, we will be breaking down how to find unlisted YouTube videos without a link.

How To Find Unlisted YouTube Videos Without Link

Unfortunately, without a direct link to an unlisted video on YouTube, it is not possible to access this kind of content. Despite this, there are a couple of workarounds that you can lose to find these unlisted videos on the platform.

Since unlisted videos will not be returned in the YouTube search results directly, users have had to take matters into their own hands to get around this.

By using the website UnlistedVideos, users can search for content and unlisted content can be viewed via this service. This allows you to search from over 600,000 unlisted YouTube videos, including ones uploaded from 2016 and before.

How To Find Unlisted YouTube Videos

If you do not want to use this service, you should strive to receive a link directly from the creator of the unlisted video. This will allow you to access the content without the need for these workarounds.

Another way that you can find unlisted videos is by browsing YouTube playlists. Despite unlisted content not showing up in YouTube search results, these videos will still be visible if they have been added to playlists on the platform. Many playlists will contain unlisted videos, particularly if they have been put together by creators.

How To Find Own Unlisted YouTube Videos

As previously mentioned, unlisted videos will not show up within your YouTube channel page. This can make it difficult to easily find them and some channel owners will even forget that they have published unlisted videos.

To find and view your unlisted YouTube videos, you should first log in to your account and navigate to your YouTube studio page.

Here, you can click on the content tab for a whole host of options. Within the uploads section, you can click on the visibility filter to display a list of video types to display. These options include public, private, unlisted, scheduled and draft videos.

By ticking the box for ‘unlisted’, you will be able to see a complete list of your unlisted videos. From here you can easily manage, delete or edit them and even make them public once again.

Why Can’t I See My Unlisted Videos?

It is important to remember that as of July 2021, any videos that were unlisted before 2017 have been set to private instead. This means that there are way less unlisted videos on YouTube.

How To Find Unlisted YouTube Videos

If you are looking at your channel and cannot see videos that you thought were unlisted, try ticking the box for private videos within the YouTube studios. Here you will be able to see unlisted videos that have automatically been made private.

You should also remember that unlisted videos will not show up in Google search results either, so you cannot use search engines to find unlisted content.


YouTube has expanded the amount of privacy options for videos on this platform to include the unlisted option. This means that many videos using this setting will not be found using search engines or the search feature of the platform.

While users can view unlisted videos if they have the specific link, there is no official way to find unlisted videos normally.Despite this, you can use a third party service such as UnlistedVideos or do some digging yourself to find unlisted videos within YouTube playlists.

Failing that, you can always reach out to the content creator directly to try and receive a link to the unlisted video in question.

If you are a creator on the platform yourself, you can follow the above guidance to easily view all of your unlisted videos within the YouTube studio section of your channel.

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